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Colorblind Accessibility
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Oct 11, 2017 @ 4:58pm
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Colorblind Accessibility

This mod changes some graphics of the game to make them easier to see and distinguish by colorblind players.

This is a continuation and overhaul of the original Colorblind Accessibility Mod by CyborgDragon.

An updated Rebirth version of this mod is also available here![]


UPDATE November 28th 2021

Updated to be compatible with Repentance!

This fixes many reported issues, such as missing boss note icons. I also added some more new improvements, both for new Reptenance features and older ones!


For users with Tritanopia

Only a few changes are relevant for tritanopia. If you have tritanopia or tritanomaly, you can remove unecessary files like this:
  1. Open the mod folder. On Windows, this is usually in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\mods".
  2. Delete or rename all included "resources" folders that are not labeled "TRITAN"
  3. Rename the remaining resources folders to remove the "TRITAN" label"
You may have to repeat this after every mod update.

Instructions for AB+ are in the readme.txt file.

Detailed Features:

User Interface
  • The active item charge bar has a colored outline when overcharged.
  • Red border of Hard Mode completion marks is orange and brighter.
  • Increased color contrast of some HUD and minimap icons.
  • Names of Afterbirth challenges on the challenge screen are more orange.
  • Names of Afterbirth+ challenges on the challenge screen are more blue.
  • Purple Fire is dark blue.
  • White Fire is now brighter and has soul particles.
  • Red Poop has white specks in it.
  • Pentagram of button for nightmare boss wave in Greed Mode is darker.
  • Red Chests have fangs.
  • (Rep.) Mimic Chests have brighter blood.
  • Added visible bumps to Gut.
  • Added spikes to Nerve Ending 2.
  • Rotty is brighter and has rips in the skin.
  • Poky now has more random spikes and a cracked corner.
  • Slide has thinner and shinier spikes.
  • Spit now carries a visible tear.
  • Ink is more bloated.
  • Ring Fly has more contrast.
  • Army Fly is more wide.
  • Ultra Pestilence flies are more bloated.
  • Black Hearts have less contrast compared to red hearts, and additionally have a pentagram underneath.
  • Soul Hearts are brighter.
  • Nickels and dimes have animated sparkles.
  • Lucky Penny has a clover shaped sparkle.
  • Pills have unique patterns and adjusted colors.
  • Reverse Cards have inverted colors and more contrast.
  • Locust of Death has a skull face.
  • Locust of Wrath is angry and also more orange.
  • Locust of Pestilence is dripping with poison.
  • Locust of Famine has a grin.
  • The Black Rune is cracked.
  • Sinus Infection collectible looks more goopy.
  • Number One collectible has two drops.
  • Symbol on Anarchist Cookbook is more orange to increase contrast to Book of Shadows.
  • Heart on Big Beautiful Fly familiar is more pink and brighter.
  • Black Bean has a bigger shape.
  • More Options has a shine.
  • Options? has more contrast.
  • Eraser is more eraser shaped.
  • The Virus syringe is broken.
  • Roid Rage syringe is leaking.
  • Experimental Treatment syringe is more filled and has bubbles.
  • The glass of the Speedball syringe is more red.
  • The Womb's ultrasound-ish overlay has been removed.

Hope this helps! I've tried to account for different kinds of color blindnesses, but as I'm not colorblind myself, I can only rely on simulations and feedback. If I missed any important things, let me know!

Special thanks to CyborgDragon for starting this project in the first place and letting me continue it.
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Jan 13 @ 9:57am
Colorblind feedback for Repentance wanted!
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ChiraChan  [author] Aug 7 @ 8:56am 
@LeTrying @Lünnsen The issues should be fixed now! Let me know if you encounter any other bugs.

When stuff breaks it's usually because of a game update, and I don't get notified for those, so I only notice them late. But do let me know if something's broken and I'll see it eventually!
ChiraChan  [author] Aug 5 @ 7:41am 
@Magshine You can do this by opening the mod folder and deleting all the png and anm2 files except for the charge bar one. The charge bar one is "ui_chargebar.png" in resources/gfx/ui.

@meerkatboy2003 Unfortunately it's not possible for me to change visuals of different types of champions due to the way they're implemented. Maybe it's possible with the help of a mod programmer, but I'm not sure. I'm just an artist myself.

Gonna have a look at the bugs soonish.
Magshine Jul 12 @ 1:01am 
is there a way to only have the charge and overcharge texture be changed, instead of everything this mod would normally affect?
Lünnsen Jul 10 @ 1:55pm 
I love this Mod BUT I found a weird bug.. I have tested it with every other mod I use (they are only asthetic mods like fancy trinkets or poofy hair) and the other mods are not the problem.

The Bug is simple; sometimes the podest on which the item is on isn't there and in the devil deals you can't see the prices. I only noticed it now because I always went for angel deals. It's only the devil deal that have this bug everything else works fine.
meerkatboy2003 Jun 20 @ 5:59pm 
hi would it be possible to do what you did for the pills for champions i think it would help
LeTrying Apr 18 @ 12:04am 
Will this be updated to show soul hearts lesser than 3 soull hearts on deals for Blue Baby's less soul cost mechanic
ViteYoYo Feb 24 @ 6:52pm 
ChiraChan  [author] Nov 28, 2021 @ 11:41am 
The update is finally out! The mod is now fully compatible with Repentance and all the issues should be fixed. There are new additions as well, including a Lucky Penny change suggested below. Be sure to check the change notes!

Let me know if I missed anything!
ChiraChan  [author] Sep 18, 2021 @ 3:54pm 
I'm working on an update to fix the glitches! I don't currently recommend using this mod with Repentance until I've posted the update.
Whoping Sep 8, 2021 @ 12:30am 
Hi! I noticed the same issue as butters, the character progress note appears to be transparent when you beat Delirium.
(Your mod is still really neat!)