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Worldgen Extended
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Sep 25, 2017 @ 9:25am
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Worldgen Extended

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Invisible Inc. Community Modpack
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Not enough level variation? This mod aims to fix this! Add new layouts for objective rooms, regular rooms and corridors, or add new security measures to existing rooms for more difficulty.

Version 1.15

Module 1 - +General Worldgen
Adds extra room layouts:
1 Cyberlab
2 Detention Center
2 Executive Terminals
2 Financial Suite
2 Nanofab Vestibule
2 Security Dispatch
2 Server Farm
2 Vault

Module 2 - +FTM Worldgen
Adds extra FTM room layouts:
2 Starting Rooms
3 Hallways
4 Laboratory Rooms
7 Office Rooms
7 Security Rooms

Module 3 - +K&O Worldgen
Adds extra K&O room layouts:
2 Starting Rooms
3 Hallways
5 Barrack Rooms
4 Office Rooms
5 Factory Rooms

Module 4 - +Sankaku Worldgen
Adds extra Sankaku room layouts:
2 Starting Rooms
7 Robot Bay Rooms
7 Laboratory Rooms
8 Office Rooms

Module 5 - +Plastech Worldgen
Adds extra Plastech room layouts:
2 Starting Rooms
3 Hallways
6 Psi Rooms
6 Laboratory Rooms
6 Office Rooms

Module 6 - More Security Devices
Adds new security measures to cops at mission difficulty 3 or above:
FTM - Infrared Camera
K&O - Shock Mines
Sankaku - Drone Uplink Node
Plastech - Daemon Server
Neptune - Frost Spire
OMNI Mainframe - All Above

Module 7 - Extended Security
Adds extra security measures to objective rooms:

- Chief Financial Suite: 1 Camera + 2 Sound Bugs
- Cyberlabs: Camera Drone
- Detention Center: 1 Camera
- Executive Terminals: Sound Bug
- Nanofab Vestibule: 2 Sound Bugs
- Security Dispatch: 1 Camera + 1 Sound Bug
- Server Farm: Camera Drone
- Vault: 1 Captain
- OMNI Security Hub: 1 Camera + 4 Sound Bugs
- OMNI Mainframe Lock: 1 OMNI Soldier

Chance of extra objects spawning can be set in campaign settings:
0% - 20% - 40% - 60% - 80% - 100%

Module 8 - Additional Side Missions
Adds extra side objectives:
- AI Deveopment Terminal.

Discord Link:

Link for Non- Steam users:

Sim Constructor mod required!
Finish all in-progress missions before updating. Otherwise you may break save files!
After subscribing, go to OPTIONS -> GAMEPLAY and click REFRESH MODS. Exit from game to finalize installation.
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Zorlock Darksoul Jun 9 @ 4:25pm 
wodzu_93  [author] Jun 9 @ 2:41pm 
There is an UI limit of 7 programs, because any more woudn't fit on screen in most resolutions.
Zorlock Darksoul Jun 9 @ 8:00am 
Regarding the AI Development side mission: Is there a cap on how many extra slots can be obtained? I've completed the mission several times (some before and some after getting the extra slot from the Contingency mission), but I don't seem to get past seven total slots. Is it meant to only be possible once?
wodzu_93  [author] May 7 @ 3:37am 
@Necro - Did you use all Consoles on the map? One of them should unlock that door. Four doors guarding the locks are, in order: Regular door, security keycard door, vault door (needs a Vault Access Card from a safe somewhere in the level), and blast door, opened by using regular Console somewhere on the level.
Necro May 6 @ 3:13pm 
Found an AI Deveopment Terminal, unlocked 3 out of the 4 terminals but the last one was locked behind a similar door to the AI teminal and there were no other terminals to unlock that door.
Tikotitok Mar 3 @ 8:38am 
Whoooops. You're right, this is the wrong mod. My bad.
wodzu_93  [author] Mar 3 @ 6:32am 
@Tikotitok - You're in the wrong place, man. The issues you're talking about are not connected to this mod in any way. What you're looking for is Advanced Guard Protocol mod.

Make sure you have up-to-date versions of your mods. To do that, delete all mod folders from "InvisibleInc/mods" folder and hit "Refresh Mods" in options menu.

If you still have problems after all mods are up to date, go to our Discord server (link in mod description) and PM cyberboy2000, AGP's author.
Tikotitok Mar 2 @ 2:22pm 
I encountered a gamebreaking bug: when a drone engineer has been knocked out and wakes up, the next time you end your turn the game glitches out and does not work anymore (without crashing). Attempting to quit and then reload says something amongst the lines of "couldn't load game", attempting to load at the last working moment just brings you one moment away from the same situation. The only workaround I have discovered so far that doesn't require regenerating the map is to keep said drone engineer pinned until you leave the mission. This has happened twice now.
Tikotitok Feb 26 @ 2:35pm 
There appears to be a bug where some guards are quantum linked to with no tooltip on the one side (eg. stunning a Systems Admin alerts someone, despite the Systems Admin not having the tooltip)
QuickSaveTV Feb 7 @ 3:44am 
Sure brother, I kept it just in case, I would be glad to pass it on to you with all relevant details.