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The Sims 3 Performance & Bug Fix Guide 2024
By Anime_Boom
This is a guide on how to make The Sims 3 run smoother, use mods to fix un-patched bugs and fix some compatibility issues on newer gaming PC hardware and systems.

Welcome to my guide for The Sims 3 and how to improve its performance on newer PC systems. Every step that I have listed are the steps I personally use to make my game run much more smoother on my PC system.

If a step has an "(Optional)" tag in the title means its up to you if you would like to add the tweaks to your game, If it has a "(Essential)" Tag in the title it is recommended that you use the step to get the best results with the game and its performance.

If you have any questions feel free to look at the F.A.Q Section for common questions that have been answered or ask in the comments below and I will be sure to assist in any way that I can!

Happy Simming!!

This guide is intended to be used with game version 1.67 Steam and 1.69 EA App on Windows 10 OS and Windows 11 OS, this guide was not made to be used with the game version 1.70 (64 bit Mac Update). Edit at your own risk if using game version 1.70.

Versions obtained through other means of sailing the high seas are not supported at all!

Linux users should have no issues.


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Getting Started!

Removing certain scripting mods on an already existing save file will lead to corruption in the save file.

EA App (1.69) Users - You will need to install Lazy Duchess's EA App launcher for some of the types of mods such as ASI mods to work with that version you can download it HERE[] Make sure "Load ASI Mods" check box on the launcher is checked and run the game with this launcher!
Installing The Mods Folder
For new users to The Sims 3 Modding this will show you how to install the Mods Folder into your game so your game will be able to read and use ".Package" file mods.

The "Mods" Folder is for .package files, .sims3pack Files need to be installed through the games launcher. I recommend this depth video by @SimMattically for more information about the different package types can be found HERE!
Step 1 - Download the mods folder using the download button from ModTheSims HERE![]
Once on the download page scroll down a little until you see a "Download" button, once found click on this link and it will download the file.

After the download is complete place the file somewhere easy to find like the desktop.
Step 2 - Once downloaded go to...
"Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3"
Once there, open up the downloaded mods folder file and extract its contents right into The Sims 3 documents folder.
Step 4 - Just to make sure open up the mods folder and make sure the contents inside looks like this image below!
Files that should be present and that are needed are...
  • Resource.cfg File
  • Packages Folder
  • Overrides Folder
The two package files that come inside the packages folder called...
  • NoBuildSparkles.package
  • nointro.package
these files are for testing purposes only and can be safely deleted after launching the game to see if the mods folder is functioning correctly.

If the maxis logo is still showing up on startup even with the "nointro.package" present in the mods folder for testing this is normal since the "nointro.package" was made before that intro screen was added in a later patch and uses a different file path to the other intro videos.

If you want to keep "nointro.package" to disable the intros and want the Maxis Logo Intro gone as well, you can download a mod for it HERE[] to be used along side "nointro.package".

The Mods folder is now installed!
Step 1 - Making The Game Recognise Newer GPU Models (Essential)
The Sims 3 GPU Add-on Support TOOL

With The Sims 3 releasing back in 2009 and finishing its run in 2014 newer models of GPUs have come out since then but since the game has not been updated by EA due to no more patch support the game will not recognise newer graphics card models and believe it or not make you game run slower.

Making the game recognise newer GPU models will benefit in less lag spikes in game-play performance since the game will use the newer cards benefits since its knows the cards model.

The Sims 3 by default can only recognise cards from GeForce 600 series and under if you have any of these cards currently installed into your PC from these Desktop series...
  • GeForce 700 Series
  • GeForce 800 Series
  • GeForce 900 Series
  • GeForce 1000 Series
  • RTX 2000 Series
  • RTX 3000 Series
  • RTX 4000 Series
  • GTX Titan Series
You will need to use the tool!

It might work for AMD Cards if not check how to manually edit with the link down below.

Download Here The Sims 3 GPU Add-on Support Tool[]

Consider supporting alfa1295 for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]
(Under the "Donations" tab on their mods download page)

Want to manually edit the files to get your graphics card recognised? Look at this guide on Carl Sims Guides HERE![]
Step 2 - Lazy Duchess Mods
Here are some essential mods made by Lazy Duchess, these are must have's and after installing them I can not play without them!
Smooth Patch 2.1 by Lazyduchess (Essential) (Windows ONLY)
Smooth Patch by Lazyduchess alters the speed at which the game's processing runs, which improves the overall performance of the game and some loading times. Most noticeably in Create A Sim, Create A Style and Buy/Build.

The game hack ONLY works on the Steam version (1.67), Disk Versions and EA App version (1.69) of the game (1.0.631 to 1.67). latest MAC versions (1.70) will not work.

Step 1: Download the mod from HERE[]
  • Steam users need to download - ""

  • EA App users need to download - ""
Step 2: Open the downloaded archive and locate you Sims 3 game directory. It should be under...
Steam 1.67 - "Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 3\Game\Bin"
EA App 1.69 - "EA Games\The Sims 3\Game\Bin"

Step 3: Simply drag and drop these three files from the downloaded archive...
  • TS3Patch.txt
  • TS3Patch.asi
  • ddraw.dll
into the games "bin" Folder.

Step 5: Smooth Patch 2.0 Is installed!
Bonus Step: Faster Smooth Patch Settings
If smooth patch does not feel smooth enough you can tweak the tps limit higher, its recommended that you only adjust the speed settings if you are on a gaming PC!
Step 1: Locate "TS3Patch.txt" in the games directory and then open the ".txt" file.
Step 2: Locate the line "TPS = 500" and change the "500" to "1000".

Step 3: Save the document and exit notepad.

Bonus Step: Window Border-less Mode

Window Border-less is great for people who have multiple screen setups or just like alt + tab out of their games! Sims 3 by default has issues with multi screen and alt + tab. It can also fix the miss coloured/dark capturing of the game when screen recording or streaming!

Step 1: While "TS3Patch.txt" is still open go the to option "Borderless =" and change the "0" to a "1", next save the document!
Step 2: While in game make sure to go into setting and set the display-mode to windowed mode!

Once the settings is unchecked make sure to press accept at the bottom of the settings menu! The game is now in border-less windowed mode!

EA App (1.69) Users - You will need to install Lazy Duchess's EA App launcher for these types of mods to work with that version you can download it HERE[] Make sure "Load ASI Mods" check box on the launcher is checked and run the game with this launcher!

Consider supporting Lazy Duchess for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]
Intel Alder Lake Patch By Lazyduchess (Essential) (Windows Only)
Intel Alder Lake Patch by Lazyduchess is a very simple patch that attempts to workaround the crash on boot when trying to launch The Sims 3 on Intel alder lake CPU's (12th gen) or higher.

If you are using a 12th gen Intel Alder Lake CPU or higher you will need this patch so that The Sims 3 Will Launch on Start up! If you do not have this version of CPU you can skip this section!

Download the Intel Alder Lake Patch By Lazyduchess HERE[]!
Step 1: Once downloaded place the patcher into a file on your desktop for easy access.
Step 2: Once place into the folder run the program and press "OK" on the window popup.
A New window will open it should already be at your games bin folder but if it is not you can find them at the provided file path below.
Steam 1.67 - "Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 3\Game\Bin"
EA App 1.69 - "EA Games\The Sims 3\Game\Bin"
Once the new window has opened select the .exe files called "TS3.exe" and "TS3W.exe patching one at a time"
Step 3: Once accepting the patching a new little popup should appear saying the patch has been applied and was a sucsess, press "OK" and you are done.
Once patched by the program close the program and your game is now ready to be used with Alder Lake CPU's. The program will also create a backup of the games .exe that was patched just in case!

Consider supporting Lazy Duchess for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]
Step 3 - Nraas Mods (Essential)
Nraas mods will help your game run smoother and less likely to crash.

These Mods will be installed into your games "Mods" folder found at...

"Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\mods\Packages"

Here are the Nraas mods that are needed to make the game more stable...
  • Nraas Error Trap[] - Error Trap is a mod that detects and catches corrupted data and lets save games be loaded/played and preventing crashes, Error trap will also create logs within the games documents folders to help narrow down the error cause.

    EA App users download using this button!

    Steam users download using this button!

    Note: Only Error trap requires different download buttons for different game versions, all other Nraas mods use the same download button.
  • Nraas Overwatch[] - Overwatch resets stuck sims and puts them back to their home lot safely will also remove unused cars that slow down the game, turn off stereos that are not in use on non played sims homes ect.

  • Nraas Master Controller []- Lets you become more of a god with option to set slider values edit any sims in CAS set skill levels and so on can also be used to reset lots and sims manually even an entire town to fix any issues.

  • Nraas Register[] - Allows the user to disable certain classes of npc's within town things such as paparazi's, strays, wild horses, unicorns and much more! This can help big with performance in worlds such as isla paradiso were horses cause lots of lag when spawned in by the game.
Step 4 - Simler90's Gameplay Core Mod (Optional)
Simler90's Gameplay Core Mod fixes a long list of issue and bugs with the base game and many of the expansion packs.

Some of the bug fixes included are...
  • Bonehilda will now take care of children and toddlers correctly!
  • Child and Teen now can attend school while grounded, no more sneaking out to school!
  • Butlers will now do their jobs correctly without interruption!
  • Firefighter career job spawning has been fixed!
  • Many vanilla story progression fixes!
  • Pie selection menu sorting has been fixed and now should be instant.
  • Fixed vacation world families from going bankrupt during long travel periods.
  • Newly generated sims will not have the default "pudding face" when generated, other presets will be picked.
  • Trait and hidden trait animations have been fixed and sims and occult sims will now perform them correctly!
  • Fixes NPC Sims all using the "Sloppy Jalopy" as their travel car no matter their household funds. (This also includes letting NPC's drive stuff pack and expansion added cars)
  • Fixes NPC Sims not being able to sneak into VIP sections at night clubs.
And many more listed on the mods page[]!
However to get this mod to work better with Nraas Overwatch I have listed some steps in this step that you will need to follow to get it working with that mod. Other Nraas mods that are not listed on this guide can conflict and have problems!
Consider supporting simler90 for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]
⠀ ⠀
Step 1 - Download Simler90's Gameplay Core Mod and place it in the folder at...
"Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\mods\Packages".
Simler90's Gameplay Core Mod Can be downloaded HERE[]!
Step 2 - Next while in game you will need to change a setting for Nraas Overwatch so that some mod functions do not overlap while playing between Nraas overwatch and Simler90's Core Mod.
  • While in game find the City hall rabbit hole in your save and click on it.
  • Once the city hall rabbit hole has been selected you will need to go to "Nraas > Overwatch > Settings > Set Alarm Hour".
  • A New window will popup with a defualt time of "3" this needs to be changed to "5", once changed press the check mark icon to accept the changes.

    Disclaimer: This will need on be done on every brand new save.

DISCLAIMER! - Other Nraas mods such as Story Progression, Career, Tagger, Go Here, Traffic and Traveller are not compatible!

Step 5 - Limiting FPS (Essential)
Limiting the game to only use your monitors refresh rate will increase game performance dramatically. The reason being is that the engine The Sims 3 runs on runs at an unlimited FPS with no built in frame limiter! This is why most PC's sound like they are taking flight from an airport runway when playing. Not limiting the games FPS can decrease the life of your graphics card fans!
How to limit the games FPS
Step 1: Right click the desktop and click on "Nvidia Control Panel".

Once the control panel opens click on the tab "Manage 3D settings"

After clicking make sure that the application selected is "ts3w.exe"
Step 2 - Once confiming that ts3w.exe is selected find the option "Max Frame Limit". Once there click the option and select "on" once selected put in your monitors refresh rate and then press "Ok".
Step 5 - Next you will need to select the option "Vertical Sync", once slected click on the option "on".
Step 6: Once all done make sure to press the "Apply" Button at the bottom of the window to accept and apply the changes!
If you don't have an Nvidia GPU or a graphics card control panel Smooth Patch has an in built frame limiter!
Go to "Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 3\Game\Bin"
Then you will need to open "TS3Patch.txt" once open replace the "0" next to "FPSLimit =" with your monitors refresh rate then save the document!

Step 6 - Making The Game Use More CPU (Optional)
If you are using a PC with a low end CPU or a PC that is not meant for gaming this step should be skipped!

Step 1 - Locate "GraphicsRules.sgr" in "SteamApps\common\The Sims 3\Game\Bin" and open it in notepad (or notepad ++ makes things easier to edit and find)

Step 2 - When opened press "Crtl + f" a search bar will appear type in the search bar "seti cpuLevelUber" and press enter.

Step 3 - When located Change the numbers 3,2,1 all to the number 3

From This

To This

Step 4 - Save and exit the document.
Step 7 - Making The Game Use The Correct Amount of Vram (Optional)
Step 1 - Locate "GraphicsRules.sgr" in "SteamApps\common\The Sims 3\Game\Bin" and open it in notepad (or notepad ++ makes things easier to edit and find)

Step 2 - When opened press "Crtl + f" a search bar will appear type in the search bar "seti textureMemory" and press enter.

Step 3 - When located Change the number that is next to "seti textureMemory" you will see the number "2048" (2gb) this is correct and can be left as is. If the number is "32" it will need to be changed to "2048" (2gb).

Step 4 - Save and exit the document.

Note - If your PC does not have a dedicated graphics card leave the value at "32"..
Step 8 - Stopping Store Generated Jpgs (Optional)
With an update to The Sims 3 back in 2011 EA made it so you could browse the online store in game this feature surprisingly slows down the game a lot.

How it slows down your game is that it generates images of the store items every time you click on the store feature in game or enter build or buy mode then in a folder were the sims 3 stores all your save files the game generates hundred of jpeg files over and over again. Disabling this folder from updating will increase your games performance. The notorious folder is called "FeaturedItems".

Step 1 - Go to the games documents folder located at...
"Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3"
Once there delete the folder "FeaturedItems".
Step 2 - Go to your desktop or some other easy to use place on your PC, once there create a new text document and call it called "FeaturedItems". Make sure that the ".txt" file format is also replaced it should be turned into a blank file!
It should look like a blank white file like in the image below!
Step 3 - Once the file is created move it into the games documents folder at...
"Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3"
Featured Item image generation is now blocked.

If this step did not work make sure that "File name extensions" is enabled in Windows it can be found in the "View" settings tab at the top of any open Windows 10 window. Then remove the .txt from the files name!

Step 9 - Cleaning DCBackup Folder (Essential)
When installing things through the launcher the path to those files are saved in this file but of course there are a lot of files that are not needed and will slow down the game you can delete everything in this folder except for one file and it is called "ccmerged" this file is required the rest can be deleted without any trouble.

The folder should look like this after you are done.

Step 10 - Regul Save Cleaner By Onebeld (Essential)
Regal Save Cleaner can help keep old and new saves from getting too bloated with data which can lead to the dreaded "error code: 12 and 16" error while trying to save or even worse... save game corruption!

Regal Save Cleaner can be downloaded HERE![]

Consider Supporting Onebeld for making this awesome tool? You can HERE![]

When downloading make sure that...
  • Windows users download the file called ""

  • Mac users download the file called ""

Also Make sure to have .NET6[] installed on your PC!

How to use Regal Save Cleaner

Step 1 - After downloading the Regal Save Cleaner, place it somewhere on your PC.
After being placed somewhere open up the program.
Step 2 - After the program has opened you will see your save games in a row near the top of the window.
Click on the save you wish to clean, or click on multiple saves to clean multiple at a time.
Once your have selected your saves make sure to turn on "Clean Cache" at the bottom of the program window!
Step 3 - Once Clean Cache is also checked click on the button at the bottom of the program called "Start Cleaning".
Once the Save(s) are done being cleaned a little window will appear telling you all the details on what was cleaned how how much space was gained.

Step 4 - Your save(s) are now clean!
If you are getting an error while trying to clean a save make sure that "All files from the folder Featureditems" is unchecked under "Clear Cache" If you applied Step 8 - Stopping Store Generated Jpgs.

Step 11 - Bug Fixes | Base Game & Expansions (Optional)
In this section you will find mods that will fix issues and bugs that were never patched out by EA and The Sims Team even some mods that add some minor tweaks to game play. with no performance impact some may even help performance! The mods in this section are built to work with at least game version 1.67 (retail/Steam) and should have no issue with 1.69 (EA App).

These ".package" Mod files will be installed into your games "Mods" folder found at...

"Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\mods"

There are two different folders present inside the mods folder for different types of mods...
  • Mods with the "🟩" icon go into the "Packages" Folder.

  • Mods with the "🟥" icon go into the "Overrides" Folder.
Base Game Bug Fixes
  • 🟩 No (or fewer) automatic memories[] - Makes only important memories recorded, memories like getting married or having a baby. this will help prevent save file bloating on long played saves.

  • 🟩 Tile-able Items Shader FIX[] - Fixes lighting shaders on certain tile-able items.

    Consider supporting Simsi45 for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]

  • 🟩 Interaction on sloped terrain enabler[] - This mod will allow sims to interact on sloped terrain and will fix sims getting stuck when trying to interact with objects or other sims on a slighty sloped terrain.

  • 🟩 Base Game Halfwalls FIXED!!![] - Fixes the base game half walls meshes and collision

  • 🟩 S-Club ts3 EA Eyeball UVFix - Fixes the UV lighting on the sims eyes so that its facing in the right direction for both eyes and not just a mirrored effect.
    Male Version - Will add a link when one is made?
    Female Version[]

  • 🟥 EA Eyeshadow Texture Fix[] - Fixes bad alpha mapping on the eye shadow textures done by EA.

  • 🟩 Muscle Slider Fix for Teens and Elders[] - Fixes the muscle tone sliders not working on teen and elder sims.

  • 🟩 Get to Know Fix[] - Fixes the "get to know" interaction and how often sims discover traits of other sims. Also has an option to discover hidden traits.

    Consider supporting simbouquet for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]

  • 🟩 Welcome Matt Deshined Rug[] - Fixes an issue with a base game rug having the wrong specular mapping applied to it making it very shiny.

  • 🟩 Horizontal Clapboard - Fixed[] - Fixes an issue with wonky texture normals on the Horizontal Clapboard wall paint.

  • 🟩 BG Altitute Quantizer Stair Fix[] - Fixes a mesh issue when placing the set of stairs inside.

  • 🟩 No Auto Placement of Community Lots[] - Stops the game from placing expansion pack lots to EA worlds that don't have them when loading up a new save, this makes loading times way faster and you can still place the lots you want in edit town! (Requires an account to download)

  • 🟥 TS3: Walk Cycle Edits[] - Fixes an oversight with young adult males, adult males and elder males having the "happy" expression baked into their walking animations. They will now show their correct mood when walking and not just smiling even when sad.

    Consider supporting simbouquet for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]

  • 🟥 TS3: Facial Expressions Converted From The Sims Medieval[] - changes 15 of the 20 base game facial animations with the ones from sims medieval. While not technically a bug fix it can fix clipping with certain facial animations like eye lashes going through sims brows when frowning and distorted facial features.

    Consider supporting simbouquet for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]

  • 🟩 Random Sim Fixes[] - Fixes an issue were in the base game the game would give every generated sim the same default value for face customisation, voice and fitness. Also fixes non future world sims wearing into the future clothing. Only sims in the future world will now wear the clothing from into the future. (Into the future is not require for this mod to function)

    Consider supporting Lazy Duchess for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]

  • 🟩 CAS Sim Bin Genetics as Presets[] - Adds in more CAS facial presets for the game to choose from when using mods that fix the pudding face bug. Use this mod along side Random Sim Fixes[] or simler90's Gameplay Systems Core Mod[].

  • 🟩 Pick Up Toddler Fixes[] - Fixes some issues with how sims would approach their task of picking up toddler sims.

    Consider supporting TheSweetSimmer for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]

  • 🟩 Sims 3 Hidden Stencils Unlocked + Fixed![] - Fixes various objects missing their extra select-able stencils, they will now be un-hidden and select-able again.

    Consider supporting simsi45 for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]

  • 🟩 Fishing Box/Chest Fix []- Fixes an issue when fishing finding a fishing chest could never happen due to a bug.

  • 🟩 Cross-Eye Bug Fix[] - Fixes an issue were sims sometimes go cross-eyed after certain events like ageing up.

    Consider supporting Lazy Duchess for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]
Ambitions Bug Fixes
AMBITIONS COMPATIBLE MODS (Use Only if You Have Ambitions installed)
  • 🟩 Spring Cleaning No Magic Clothesline[] - Fixes an issue/oversight with the cloths on the clothesline drying even when being rained on during rainy weather. Download the "Gamefreak130_NoMagicClothesline.rar" File from the file section! Seasons is required!

    Consider supporting gamefreak130 for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]

  • 🟩 Harvester Fix[] - Fixes various issues with the Harvester after a sim has used the object.
World Adventures Bug Fixes
WORLD ADVENTURES COMPATIBLE MODS (Use Only if You Have World Adventures installed)
  • 🟩 Champs les Sims Distant Terrain Tree Fix[] - Fixes the distant terrain tree models to have proper transparency.

    Consider Supporting Potato Ballad Sims for all of their amazing work? you can HERE![]
Late Night Bug Fixes
LATE NIGHT COMPATIBLE MODS (Only Use if Late Night is Installed)
  • 🟩 Inventor's Workbench fix for Bridgeport[] - Fixes an issue were you could not make a sim bot in bridgeport using the inventors table (Ambitions is required!!)

  • 🟩 Late Night Plant Fix[] - Fixes an issue so that some of the plant objects that came with this EP are in the right buy mode category.

  • 🟩 LN Celeb Fridge Texture Fix[] - Fixes an issue with the specular mapping on a fridge that was added by Late Night the fridge now has the proper reflective texture applied.
Generations Bug Fixes
GENERATIONS COMPATIBLE MODS (Only Use if Generations is Installed)
Pets Bug Fixes
PETS COMPATIBLE MODS (Only Use if Pets is Installed)
  • 🟩 Gallop Fastest Animation Fix[] - Fixes an issue with horses were their their animation used for galloping would display/play wrong when they ran at full speed (Registration RequiredFor Download)

  • 🟩 Pet Tombstone Shadow Fix []- Fixes badly rendered shadows on the pet tombstones.

  • 🟩 Fixed horse tails (no more shiny horses!)[] - Fixes issues with horses being shiny due to specular shininess being set wrong on horses tails.

    Consider supporting simsi45 for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]
University Life Bug Fixes
UNIVERSITY LIFE COMPATIBLE MODS (Install only if you own University Life EP)
  • 🟥 University Student Union / Library Shell Overrides[] - Fixes sims routing into the union building so they use both entrances on either side of the builing and not all try to use the front doors and get stuck which causes lag.

    Download these files ONLY!!
    • "UNI_ ReplacementShells(overrides).rar"
    • "UNI_SCRIPT_MoreShellEntries.rar"

  • 🟩 No More University Life NPC Protests[] - This will fix sims trying to start protest in the ocean and other rondom places that would casue lag.

  • 🟩 University Life Alpha Omega Door Fix[] - Fixes a bug so the door can be changed to any color from the door frames color.

  • 🟥 University Life Visual Fixes[] - Fixes several issues with university life and some icons and images associated with texting and speech bubbles.
Showtime Bug Fixes
SHOWTIME COMPATIBLE MODS (Only use if you have Showtime EP)
  • 🟩 No NPC's Performing for Tips[] - Prevents NPC Sims from performing for tips. This should fix certain NPC roles not being filled.
Supernatural Bug Fixes
SUPERNATURAL COMPATIBLE MODS (Install only if you have Supernatural installed)
  • 🟩 A Proper Fix to the Proper Trait[] - Fixes some bugs and issues with the Proper Trait.

  • 🟩 Money Tree Bug Fix (Gatherer Trait Bug Fix)[] - there is a chance if sims have the "gatherer" trait that they can not harvest from the money tree if they have harvested other plants beforehand and it corrupting the money tree and sims will no longer be able to use the money tree. (Requires Registration to Download)

  • 🟩 Restoration Spell Fix[] - Fixes some interactions with objects with the restoration spell.

  • 🟩 No More Zombies Generated At Full Moon[] - Makes it so the game does not spawn zombies at a full moon every lunar cycle lagging the game on nights with the full moon. Potions and elixirs can still transform people into zombies if you pick the mod version which keeps those methods in the game!
Seasons Bug Fixes
SEASONS COMPATIBLE MODS (Install only if Seasons is Installed)
  • 🟩Faster/Slower Leaf Raking[] - Makes raking leaves more fast or slower and removes all leaves in the world after fall has ended.

  • 🟩 No more ugly snowprints[] - fixes the ugly miss match of snow textures around certain objects.

    Consider supporting Lyralei for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]

  • 🟩 Spring Cleaning Weather Forecast Tweaks[] - Fixes issues with the rain weather type appearing way too often in the summer season. The mod also makes the weather forecast more accurate and easy to read! Download the "Gamefreak130_WeatherForecastTweaks.rar" File from the downloads section!

    Consider supporting gamefreak130 for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]

  • 🟩 Spring Cleaning Truly Eclipsing Fog[] - Fixes issues with the weather stone vampire weather and how it was not applying the correct buffs to vampires. Download the "Gamefreak130_TrulyEclipsingFog.rar" file from the file section!

    Consider supporting gamefreak130 for all their amazing work? You can HERE![]
Island Paradise Bug Fixes
ISLAND PARADISE COMPATIBLE MODS (Install Only if Island Paradise is Installed)
  • 🟩 Hanging Lantern Fix[] - Fixes an issue so sims can pass under the the object and not be blocked off by it.

  • 🟩 Reduce/Remove Lag caused by Houseboats[] - Disables non active households being able to move their house boats autonomously which would result in micro stutters and lag while playing in worlds with house boats lived in my non player families. You will still be able to move your house boats if you currently live in one this mod just stops non played households from moving their house boats!
Into The Future Bug Fixes
INTO THE FUTURE COMPATIBLE MODS (Install only if Into The Future is Installed)
  • 🟩 ITF Perigee Planter Fix[] - Fixes the snow placement on the fence during winter (seasons expansion required)

  • 🟩 Watch Laser Rhythm-a-Con FIX []- fixes an issue were the object would not put up the fun meter for sims who were watching unlike other musical items in the game.
Store Content Bug Fixes
Only use these fixes if you have the store content installed from the official The Sims 3 Store
Bonus Step - Tiny UI Fix - UI Scaling For The Sims 3 (Optional)
Tiny UI Fix is a Powershell script that up-scales the in game user interface so that when running the game at higher resolutions than 1920 x 1080 (1080p) The UI will be the correct size and more easy to read!

Tiny UI Fix can be downloaded from...

An Example[] of the UI Scaling thanks to DJ Omega/just-harry from github and mods the sims!

Some known issue of the mod are...
  • Some icons and graphics are visually stretched in one dimension.

  • Some icons disappear when they are selected.

  • Scrollbars that would usually scroll smoothly when the arrows are clicked do not scroll smoothly.
  • The options menu is @#$%&!ed.

  • When LazyDuchess's Smooth Patch package is active, after scrolling through clothing in Create A Sim, the rows of clothing icons may not snap perfectly back into place.

  • If Windows' "Controlled folder access" setting is enabled, and the Tiny UI Fix script is used to temporarily allow PowerShell to access controlled folders: if multiple instances of the script are run at around the same time, the script that allowed PowerShell to access controlled folders may disallow PowerShell from accessing controlled folders before the other instances of the script have finished writing, which could cause their writing to fail.

While having some known smaller issue the mod is 100% functional!

Bonus Step - In Game Options (Optional)
The game has some options that are on by default that can slow down the game if turned on. You may turn the off if you like.

Graphics Options (1st tab - Monitor) (Optional)
Turning the Refresh rate of the game to default setting is the best setting to go for since we have made the graphics card handle the refresh rate in the graphics cards control panel and with The Sims 3 engine the game has to be run at 60fps or under or the game physics engine will start to break resulting stuttering and broken physics.

General Options (3rd tab - Gears) (Essential)

Turning the options that I have circled in red to off will help the games performance greatly.
  • Shop Mode option - if you followed the step earlier about restricting the ".jpegs" from generating then the shop mode is useless and can be turned off for a lot of extra performance.

  • Interactive loading Screens Option - This was a good concept but the final product can actually make loading up your game even longer so disabling this option can make the game load your save file quicker.

  • Disable Memories - This feature is really good for story telling and legacy save files but it can become very laggy with every sim in town getting constant memories all the time setting this to off will help the games performance greatly. If you like this feature turned on but still want performance I would recommend looking at the mod No (or fewer) automatic memories[] this mod makes it so only important events in your sims life is saved and not useless ones.

    Online/Social Options (7th tab - Antenna) (Essential)

    Turning off the options circled in red is highly recommend for performance since in game online stuff in the sims 3 was added poorly and results in a lot of lag on the games engine keeping the any online options off will improve performance greatly.

    Advanced Demographics Options (9th tab - Silhouette of Two Sims) - (OPTIONAL)

    Turning the options off that I have circled in red can improve performance greatly this just means that sims that are not any of these life states can not be turned into them, sims that are already that life state can not turn other sims into that life state. Do not worry sims that are already; say a vampire will not be turned to a human again if turning vampires off.

Vanilla vs Fixed Comparison
In these comparison videos I recorded Vanilla with no mods except "Intel Alder Lake Patch[]" by Lazyduchess due the game being completely un-launchable without it on 12th gen CPU's which I have a 12th gen CPU and fully fixed with mods and settings.

BridgePort and Isla Paradiso (coming soonish) are the worlds I will be using in the comparisons below due to most players not being able to play in these worlds with vanilla settings and no mods.

My PC specs are during the recording of these comparisons...
  • RTX 3090 TI
  • 64 GB DDR5 RAM
  • i9-12900K, 3200 Mhz, 16 Core(s), 24 Logical Processor(s)
  • Game installed on a SSD

Loading Times For Bridgeport
The Vanilla game seems to have another minute of time on loading compared to the Modded and fixed version of the game.
  • Vanilla Loading Time

  • Fixed & Modded Loading Time

24 Hours In Game From a Fresh Save At Full Speed 3 Time Speed Bridgeport
    The vanilla game takes another minute and a half to get through a whole 24 hours in game compared to the fixed and modded version of the game.
  • Vanilla 24 Hours Speed 3 Time

  • Fixed & Modded 24 Hours Speed 3 Time

    • (The Sims seem to be in a worse mood this is due to a mood mod[] I have and no fridge shopping[] there was no food in the house)
F.A.Q Section
Q: Does Sims 3 Work on Windows 11?
A: Yes! An older version of the OS had issues with 32bit programs but that has now since been fixed. If there are any problems with saving disabling the OneDrive app or uninstalling the OneDrive app should fix saving issues!

If you do not want to uninstall Onedrive or use Onedirve for other things refer to this video.

Q: Is there any way to make the game use more RAM?
A: No! The game is a 32bit program and there is no way to make it use more. Unfortunately no edits or magic can change this, its limit is 3.7gb at most no more than that unfortunately. The game is also already large address aware from the late night patch (1.17.60).

Q: I followed the guide but now my old save(s) file is having issues while playing!
A: Removing scripting mods from your game after the save is created will lead to the save files that relied on those removed mods to not function correctly or lead to save file corruption. This guide should be used with a fresh new save.

Q: After following all the steps my game does not launch after pressing play on the launcher.
A: The GraphicsCards.sgr & GraphicsRules.sgr may have not been edited correctly there will be backups made after using the graphics card tool in "Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 3\Game\Bin" with "_old" at the end of them. Simply delete the edited versions then remove the "_old" from the backup files names and it will restore those files to vanilla.

Q: My GraphicsCards.sgr & GraphicsRules.sgr files are fine but the game still is not launching!
A: Check to see if your anti-virus software is not blocking the game due to smoothpatch and shader-framework by Lazyduchess, Since these scripting mods inject into the game it may be setting off a false flag and preventing the game from starting.

Q: My GraphicsCards.sgr & GraphicsRules.sgr files are fine but the game still is not launching! But I'm on The EA App!
A: If on EA App version of the game (1.69) please remember to be using the Launcher By Lazyduchess[] this is essential for EA App users for ".asi" mods to function!

Q: The Mods folder is not being loaded in no matter what I try!
A: If you are using windows 11 and your PC user name has any Special Characters/Emoji's in it the game/mods folder will have issues loading up game files from the documents folder. This might be since the game can not read these types of characters in file path names.

Q: Why can't the downloads all just be in one big download?
A: A lot of the mods have an agreement section were you have to link to their sites to download and not redistribute. Respecting peoples work is the best thing to do for helping out the modding community for all their work. People put a lot if time into making mods so best to respect their wishes for their work!

Q: The mods did not take effect but I have installed them correctly!
A: Make sure to clear your games cache as some mod data stored in the games cache files. See more how to clean game cache in step 10! Also make sure that the mods folder has been placed into the games My Documents folder at "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3"!

Q: I'm getting strange graphics glitches on my sims in game and in CAS!
A: Try removing shader tweaks and launch the game and see if the problem still persists, if it does something went wrong when editing GraphicsRules.sgr.

Q: My game seems to slow down/stutter around at certain times in game and I don't know why.
A: This stuttering or lag spike is due to how the game works. At certain times throughout the sim day the game does all of these following things...
  • Spawners for rocks, gems, small animals, flowers, plant seeds, plants growing, fish spawners are spawning in or refreshing.
  • Festival lots on a new season will change over to the new seasonal themed decorations and objects this can cause the game to stop for a second or two.
  • Story progression (Vanilla) usually pushes changes around this time.
  • Nraas Overwatch cleans up your game around 3 am (Can be altered in game in the settings menu for the mod at town hall)

Q: There are no sims in my town this also happens when I start a new save file!
A: Under Step 11 in the University life Mods Section there is a mod called "University Student Union / Library Shell Overrides" if the file from that mod called "UNI_FIX_MissingScienceProfessor.rar" is installed all pre-made sims will be deleted from new and old saves. Deleting the mod file "University - FIX Missing Science Professor.package" will fix sims being missing. DISCLAIMER! : Save files saved after having the mod installed can not be reverted!

Q: Why are the world fixes not included into this guide?
A: Some of the world fixes have corrupted data, they have a lot of good routing fixes but worlds with ghosts sims, mummies and simbots in them seems to have corrupted data. This is due to the Create a World Tool Having a bug were saving a world with ghosts, mummies or simbots in it will corrupt those sims data which can lead to save game corruption/errors, and these worlds were fixed using the CAW tool. More info can be read HERE[] under "A Warning about Ghosts & Mummies" and A Warning about Pets.

Q: Why do my game settings reset every so often?
A: This happens when you update your graphics card drivers and the game resets the graphics settings to the default lowest settings. EA never fixed this bug before moving onto The Sims 4. There is now a workaround thanks to @acidlure on twitter found HERE

Q: How do I know if my graphics card has been successfully detected by the game after using the graphics card tool?
A: To know if you graphics card has been added successfully go to "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3" and find a file called "deviceconfig.log" open it, there should be a line that looks like this...
  • Name (database) "your graphics card name here" [found: 1, matched: 1]
If it does not look like that but looks like any of these...
  • Name (database) "your graphics card name here" [found: 0, matched: 1]
  • Name (database) "your graphics card name here" [found: 1, matched: 0]
  • Name (database) "your graphics card name here" [found: 0, matched: 0]
your card has not been detected and will need to be added. Also note the game will need to be launched at least once for "deviceconfig.log" to be present.

Note: If you have used Regal Save Cleaner the file will be deleted, launching the game again will re-generate the file!
F.A.Q Section
Q: My sims are constantly being hit by asteroids!
A: The file "ld_SmoothPatch_MasterController.package" from Smooth Patch 2.1 has been installed but Nraas Master Controller is currently not installed in the mods folder this is a strange glitch that occurs when the master controller patch is present but not Nraas Master Controller also. If its still happeneing downgrading to the Smooth Patch 2.0 Beta[] may help stop the asteroids falling!

All three of these files should be in your mods folder...
  • ld_SmoothPatch.package
  • ld_SmoothPatch_MasterController.package
  • Nraas_MasterConroller.package

If one of these three is missing the issue will persist.

Q: My game is still stuttering even after following the essential or all the steps!
A: Unfortunately The Sims 3 will still have some micro stuttering occasionally as the game makes calculations while playing things like...
  • story progression.
  • spawning and culling of sims to keep the world population under the maximum amount.
  • Simulating sims moving around town.
  • objects spawning.
  • collectable spawning.
If its happening constantly the game may be running out of memory or the high detailed lot setting may be too high. It could also be that your graphics card was not detected correctly or smooth patch has not initialised correctly either. The stuttering can also be due to hardware or the world you are currently in as some worlds really put a strain on the games engine.

Q: How can I tell if smooth patch is working correctly?
A: To know if smooth patch is currently working you will need to locate Smooth patches settings file called ts3patch.txt it can be found at...
  • Steam 1.67 - "Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 3\Game\Bin"
  • EA App 1.69 - "EA Games\The Sims 3\Game\Bin"

Once there open the file "ts3patch.txt" and inside there will be a line called "Debug = 0" set the setting value "0" to "1" and save the file. Once running the game you will be greeted by a small window saying if smooth patch is running or not running.

Q: How do I Bypass the games launcher on Steam?
A: To bypass the launcher on steam first you need to...
  • Step 1 - Find The Sims 3 in you steam library, right click on it and select "Properties".

  • Step 2 - A new window will appear, under the general tab find the Advanced launch option settings section and put you games install location directing to TS3W.exe like this...

Use This Example For Default Installation Location
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\TS3W.exe" -%command%

Use This Example For Custom Installation Location
"Game\Bin\TS3W" -%command%

Note: This file path will be different depending on your steam install location or where the game is installed! If your edit town library is empty reverting these changes will fix this issue!

Q: The Simler90 Core Mod Nraas Compatibility file says it has a conflict with the original mod with my conflict mod detector!
A: This is normal the compatibility file has an edited version of the mods settings file inside and its overwriting the settings file within the original mod. The conflict is 100% fine!
Change Log Section
  • 09/10/2017 - Published The Sims 3 game guide.

  • 09/10/2017 - 23/07/2021 - Various changes and fixes over the years.


  • Made various changes through out the year.


  • Made various changes through out the months.

  • 01/01/2023 - 07/07/2023 Made various changes.

  • 10/07/2023 - Added an explanation and potential fix as to why asteroids are hitting peoples sims constantly under the F.A.Q Section. Thanks shangsimla on discord!

  • 19/07/2023 - Removed the mod "Disable Party Invitations and Follow-up" from Step 11 as its no longer needed if using Simler90's Gameplay Core Mod from step 4. Also updated the FAQ about the world fixes and why they are not included.

  • 13/08/2023 - Added the mod "Pick Up Toddler Fixes" to Base Game section of Step 11.

  • 23/08/2023 - Added a disclaimer about Smooth Patch 2.0 and Nraas master-controller compatibility under "Step 2 - Smooth Patch 2.0"

  • 19/09/2023 - Added the mod "Harvester Fix" to Step 11 Under Ambitions compatible Mods.

  • 21/09/2023 - Changed "Step 8 - Stopping Store Generated Jpgs" to optional from essential.

  • 2/10/2023 - Made it easier to know what folder to place .package file mods into inside the mods folder.

  • 29/10/2023 - List of changes,

    • Removed the mods "Missing/Empty Book Title Fix" From Step 11 under base game mods as it is not needed if Into the future expansion pack is installed.
    • Removed the mod "Excavation Site Hotfix" from under step 11 as some users have reported it has conflicts with into the future dystopian worlds explore-able holes. If you are having issues with excavation sites in worlds adventures worlds install the mod while your sim is on vacation.
    • Removed the mod "Generations: Fixes For "Natural"*Family Portrait & Dream of the Windrunner Paintings" and replaced it with the mod "Sims 3 Hidden Stencils Unlocked + Fixed!".

    Thanks to @Ubercuber123 on modthesims for the heads up!

  • 30/11/2023 - Fixed the install locations of TSM to TS3 Facial Expression and the University Life Visual Edits mods under Step 11. Thanks @Consistent for the head up!

  • 20/12/2023 - Added How to bypass the game launcher for steam users under the FAQ section. This will only work for steam owner of the game! Updated the FAQ section about why the simler90 core mod Nraas Overwatch compatibility file has a conflict detection with the original mod.

  • 22/12/2023 - Updated the skip game launcher FAQ section for steam users and how to do it easier on custom install locations! Thanks to @Madesi on steam!

  • 03/01/2024 - Added the mod Tiny UI Fix under the section called "Bonus Step - Tiny UI Fix - UI Scaling For The Sims 3"

  • 07/01/2024 - Added a YouTube link on how to change the documents folder from using one drive instead of uninstalling the whole onedrive application for users who want to keep onedrive on their PC in the FAQ section. thanks to @Kcamp on steam for the infomation!

  • 16/01/2024 - Added the mod "Fishing Box/Chest Fix" to Step 11 - Bug Fixes | Base Game & Expansions under Base Game Bug Fixes.

  • 18/01/2024 - Removed the .package section within the Smooth Patch 2.1 section under step 2 as the .package files from smooth patch were creating memory issues within the game from testing. The .asi and .dll part of the mod is still 100% safe to use!

    The files that need to be removed are in the mods folder and are called...
    • ldSmoothPatch.package
    • ldSmoothPatchMasterController.package

  • 21/01/2024 - Removed the section "Shader Tweaks by Lazyduchess" from "Step 2" and moved it to the The Sims 3 Enhanced Vanilla Graphics Guide. The mod is still okay to use just wanted to move it to The Sims 3 Enhanced Vanilla Graphics guide instead as another soon to release mod with similar aspects will fit better on this guide instead.

  • 28/01/2024 - Added the mod "Cross-Eye Fix" to "Step 11 - Bug Fixes" under Base Game Mods.

  • 30/01/2024 - Re-added the mod "No NPC's Performing for Tips" To "Step 11 - Bug Fixes | Base Game & Expansions" Under Showtime Mods. As there is a bug in game were NPC sims like tattoo artists or Vendors will get assigned showtime careers as well and prioritise this instead of attending their stations, they will never show up to their workstation and instead perform for tips around the world.

  • 10/02/2024 - Updated the section "Step 4 - Simler90's Gameplay Core Mod" to no longer have the settings file for Nraas Overwatch as moving the in game alarm time of Nraas overwatch has better compatibility, this was also done to end confusion of it being a full on compatibility patch as it was just a settings preset. Thanks to @phantom99 for letting me know!
< >
moonage02 Mar 1 @ 7:39am 
Hello To everyone! :D
Have you ever encountered these bugs? How can they be fixed?
When you build a gate (the one from the Late night DLC), visiting sims behave in the following ways:
a. They stop with group mode symbol.
b. They stop in front of the gate ( idem the a, point.) and complain because they can't pass through.
c. Some ring the intercom, but no message appears to grant them access as in Bridgeport.

2. At university, the professor from the medical faculty doesn't show up for class. So sims sit in class staring into space.

how do i fix these issues?
Anime_Boom  [author] Feb 26 @ 5:13pm 
@hlhb2000 - Hello! :VBCOOL: I'm not sure what this error could be you may have to file a bug report on the mods page as i have never ran into this issue. Could be an installation error of the patch but i'm not 100% sure.
Anime_Boom  [author] Feb 26 @ 5:10pm 
@Makio - Yep! This guide can be used with the disk version just make sure the game is up to date at version 1.67 any other version will not work. You can check your game version by checking the bottom left corner of the launcher. :VBOY:
Makio Feb 26 @ 10:20am 
Can i also use this Guide with my Disc Version? Because i dont wanna play from Origin/Steam
hlhb2000 Feb 25 @ 5:04pm 
After using the Alder Lake patch I get this error when launching the game

"Unable to start game.
Service initialization failed (0x0175d824)"
ProtectusCZ Feb 21 @ 11:01am 
Maybe take a deep breath and use the remaining braincells to slowly read this guide again instead of insulting the creator. This guide is the best source for fixing TS3 - if it doesn't work you're doing something wrong cause there are hundreds of people that don't have issues with this guide.
Leeloo Feb 20 @ 7:57pm 
it aint a god damned installation or editing error. your guide doesnt work you dumbass
Anime_Boom  [author] Feb 18 @ 6:11am 
@Boo - Thanks!! Happy to help! :stevenuniverse:
Boo Feb 18 @ 5:09am 
Thank you for your commitment to organizing all fixes and patches into a single and easy to read guide! I can't wait to get back into The Sims 3. :dsheart:
Anime_Boom  [author] Feb 17 @ 4:09pm 
@NarnianOrphalese - Thanks! :VBOY: The Setting MemoryUsageLimit in sims3.ini should not be touch or altered at all this is for script memory changing it leads to game crashes or corruption of save files.