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Guardsman - LW2
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Aug 24, 2017 @ 10:59pm
Aug 25, 2017 @ 12:07am
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Guardsman - LW2

"Where I fall, ten more shall take my place! And one hundred each of them! So strike me down! I am the harbinger!"
- Ollanius Pius, an Imperial Guardsman

Requires LW2.

Guardsman - A spiritual successor of the Trooper mod, designed for Long War 2. The class has similarities to rangers, but are obviously much cooler because they're called Guardsmen.

Brave, disposable soldiers, guardsmen go into battle with their rifle and combat knife. They perform dutifully as frontline fodder, but they can specialize into pseudo-grenadiers, stealthy ambushers, vigilant guardians, or deadly marksmen.

Normal stat growth - HP: 3 - Aim:18 - Will:6

Custom Perks: Mark Target - Mark a target for your allies to shoot. Allies get +15 aim against the target and that should stack with Holotargeter. 4-turn cooldown. (Mark Target, Trooper)

Lethal Shots - Your shots may not be any more accurate, but, when they do connect, they hit harder and your missed shots may still graze. Shots deal +1 damage and have an additional roll to graze (Grazing Fire, LW2)

Krak Grenades - Your explosions are bigger, faster, and you get free shaped charges. Gain the effects of Salvo and Volatile Mix and you get 1 free shaped charge, along with an additional shaped charge per charge in your inventory. (Modified LW2_APA_Smokescreen, Field Medic / Salvo, LW2)

Fenguard Training - Surviving many battles has made you much more skilled at subterfuge. Gain Phantom, Shadowstrike, and Conceal and 2 mobility.

Karskin Implants - Cybernetic enhancements make you stronger, faster, and more resilient. Gain Immunity to Fire, Gas, and Acid, along with the benefits of Combat Fitness and Combatives. (Combat Fitness and Combatives, LW2)

Scion Training - Harsh training and improved equipment make you much deadlier with your rifle. +10 Aim, +2 Damage, and +1 mobility.

Art of War - Maybe you're an opportunist, but who cares? It works. Deal 2 more damage with an extra 15% chance to crit against exposed targets. (Art of War, Trooper)

Spread Out - Call a warning to your allies, giving them increased mobility and dodge for 2 turns. 5 mobility and 20 dodge for 2 turns, 6 turn cooldown. (Spread out, Trooper)

Death Watch - Make a final stand, taking shots at any foe who moves or shoots around you while penalizing your defense. Wide Area Killzone with -20 defense, 4-turn cooldown. (Death Sentence, Trooper)

Fervor - Zealotry to your cause makes you do more in less time. Permanently gain an additional action, but lose 5 mobility. (On the Move, Rogue Class Mod)

The Perk Trees

Protect - Kill - Support
Squaddie: Knife Fighter
LCPL: Focused Fire - Lethal Shot - Mark Target
CPL: Ready for Anything - Light 'em Up - Suppression
SGT: Cool Under Pressure - Locked On - Spread Out
SSGT: Covering Fire - Art of War - Full Kit
TSGT: Rapid Reaction - Fervor - Krak Grenades
GSGT: Kasrkin Implants - Scion Training - Fenguard Training
MSGT: Death Watch - Cyclic Fire - Rupture

Credits: LW2, because it's awesome and makes me have more than 2 active squads

Trooper Class Mod, because this thing was built on it

Field Medic, because I couldn't add that friggin' shaped charge any other way

Rogue Class Mod, since I referenced it for the basics and used On the Move for Fervor

Obviously, I don't own anything here. If anyone from above has a problem with this mod, contact me and I'll take it down. This was 30% for my own use and 70% FOR THE EMPEROR!

Recommedations: Lasguns - Because you need it. Not literally.

Spec Ops Knives - Because it looks better and is placed better than the default LW2 combat knife.

Xskin System - Because guns are expensive. There's an xskin ini file included in Guardsmen that will make Spec Op Knives a skin for combat knives, just uncomment everything once xskin is installed. Delete the ; to uncomment things.

Warhammer 40k helmets - Because they look good and it comes with backpacks.

Mina's Guardsmen - More helmets, these look better on female characters than the above.

LW2 Field Medic - Your dudes need heals bro.

Rogue Class Mod - Because it's pretty darn good.

Uniforms Mod - Because your dudes need uniforms

Fallout New Vegas Riot Gear Armors - Because that's what I use

Everything seems functional and bug free. Let me know if there's any problems.

Next Project: Every Guardsman's best friend, The Commissar!
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Aug 28, 2017 @ 10:40pm
Bug Reports
Rookie Slime
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Rookie Slime  [author] May 20 @ 8:26pm 
No problem, message me if you have any other questions. I'll try to help where I can.
The Tactical Exorcist May 20 @ 8:25pm 
dang, good to know. and yeah, Windows. thanks for the help.
Rookie Slime  [author] May 20 @ 8:22pm 
Assuming windows, use the normal file search tool and type in part of the mod's name, then open file location. There should be a file or folder in the src folder that corresponds to the mod's name.

The way workshop sorts things is terrible, but you can sometimes guess since the number corresponds to the chronological order the file was originally uploaded. Problem is that even when steam deletes the mod's files when you unsub, it leaves the folder with its upload number, so things get messy fast.
The Tactical Exorcist May 20 @ 8:17pm 
no worries. Shoulda figured I'd need to look up the reddits and such. Got Notepad++ earlier, actually, so at least I'm somewhat prepared. Just wish it was easier to figure out what mods are where in the files. all I have for the workshop file is a series of numbers as file names.
Rookie Slime  [author] May 20 @ 8:14pm 
Honestly, I mostly used my sparse knowledge in programing and goggle-fu to figure out most of it. I think the XCOM 2 Mod reddit has some tutorials. Also, Notepad++ is a useful tool for opening up existing xcom 2 files to look them over (and it should be free).

Also, I think XModBase (a "mod" for adding more things to class mods) has good enough documentation in its Examples file to be helpful for you. Sorry I can't be more help :(
The Tactical Exorcist May 20 @ 5:19pm 
sorry to bug ya about this again, but could you reccomend any video tutorials on how to mod/edit existing mods for XCOM 2? I'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally green when it comes to this.
The Tactical Exorcist May 19 @ 7:40pm 
thanks, man. Just wanna make sure; I've seen some stupid crap happen thanks to ppl forgetting to credit others' work...or ppl lying about someone stealin' their ideas and getting good stuff taken down.
Rookie Slime  [author] May 19 @ 5:06pm 
@The Tactical Exorcist I'm fine with whatever, especially on the LW2 mods I did. Mentioning me is always nice, but it's fine if you don't or if you forget. Most of what I did was based on vanilla mechanics or other mods, so yeah. Break it down, figure it out, make it your own, whatever. It's all good.
The Tactical Exorcist May 19 @ 3:44pm 
hey, I'm kinda lookin' at starting up modding, but I was wondering if I'd be able to use your Guardsman template to figure out how things work. Obviously, if I post the finished results, I credit you with the original (before/after GW for obvious reasons), so...if ya wanna talk things out in-depth, could ya let me know?
Dwatch Razgriz Feb 7 @ 1:51pm 
Selectable in vanila...but unusable as the abilities are all missing (even with the LW perk pack installed)