Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

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Aug 15, 2017 @ 10:33am
May 2 @ 2:07am
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UWE Extension

Official Extension of Unknown Worlds Entertainment

We use this extension to publish hotfixes and minor changes directly to all clients between normal updates.

Currently the Extension includes the following changes for build 327:
- Fixed a server script error that stopped players from joining teams at rookie only servers
- Fixed that gorges could gain infinite babblers from other gorges
- Fixed that players who didn't own the halloween shoulder patch couldn't unlock the unearthed skins

Balance Changes:
- Undeployed ARC health changed to 3000/200 (from 3000/500)
- Babblers:
- New maximum lifeform shield values (total):
- Skulk: 21 (from 35)
- Gorge & Lerk: 21 (from 42)
- Fade: 40 (from 65)
- Onos: 85 (from 150)
- Spawn rate from 1.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds
- Babbler model size reduced when attached to a Skulk or Lerk (this is only a cosmetic change)
- GL: Change structural damage multiplier from 5x to 4x (450dmg->360) - player damage unchanged
- Lerk spikes: Damage from 6->5
- Phase Gates: Armor from 600->800 (revert of previous reduction)
- Advanced Support: changed to 20 res (from 25), research time to 60 sec (from 90)
- Marine weapons: Dropped weapons now refresh based on close proximity (no longer have to pick them up to refresh)
- Cysts: Lower maximum cyst HP to 200. Cysts close to a hive (about to the alien naturals) can scale up to 350. De-cloaking shade-passive'd cysts should now feel a bit snappier and more reliable.
- Lerk Adrenaline rate to 30% (from 60%)
- Reduce Welder cost to 2 (from 3)

For further details please join our discord server[]
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