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Rebel Galaxy Achievement Guide
By Spiffy
A basic guide for the achievements in Rebel Galaxy
This is a guide to getting all the achievements in Rebel Galaxy. It is written with the assumption you are trying to get the achievements without using mods or cheating. All of the achievements are listed alphabetically and have the appropriate achievement icon next to them, if you have any suggestions for how to get any of these achievements let me know in the comments. If you are looking for any basic game information, try checking these guides:

A New Friend

Woke Trell

Just play the campaign long enough and you will get this. It should unlock as soon as you answer a mysterious hail after delivering the omnium to the "Researcher" Orzu tells you about and have left the station.

A Pirate's Life

Pirate a merchant

Merchants can usually be found near distress signals or stations. To pirate a merchant, first find one and then use Control > Hail.

Then select the second last option.

Congrats, you're a filthy pirate.

Apparently this works better on Convoy ships, some people have reported difficulty unlocking the achievement with regular merchant ships.

Antimatter Speck

Find an Antimatter Speck

This item might be possible to find by mining asteroids, but it's far easier (in comparison) to obtain one in the last system by destroying Viriax ships. Use Tab to scan the ship's cargo to see if it's worth your time fighting. Keep in mind that this is the rarest commodity in the game so it will probably take a while to find one.

Bounty Hunter

Collect 10 bounties

Some ships have a bounty on them and you will get a credit reward for destroying them. To check if there are any ships nearby that have a bounty, simply use Control > Pulse and you will be notified. To find out which ship(s) have the bounty, you will have to get into scanning range and check the ship(s) manually. If they have one it will appear as below:

You will probably hit 10 easily just by doing combat missions.

The Brass

Become friendly to the Militia

You can increase your reputation with the Militia by doing missions for them, most easily acquired at Militia stations. You can check your reputation by pressing Control and looking on the right side of your screen. Once you become friendly with the Militia you will take a significant hit to your reputation with the Red Devil Cartel. The Militia Stations can be found from the second system onwards and are marked with their faction symbol on your map as per below:

Capital Breaker

Destroy 100 Capital-Class Craft

Capitol-Class ships are marked on your mini-map with the large coloured circle and include pretty much any ship that isn't a fighter.

Destroy 100 of these to grab this achievement. This should be fairly easy and you will probably get it without trying by the end of the campaign.

Capital Smasher

Destroy 1,000 Capital-Class Craft

You will need to grind a bit to get this one. The quickest way I know to destroy large numbers of capital ships is to take combat missions from the Mercenary Guild within the system (to minimize any travel time). I think if you take a larger ship, more ships will be involved to adjust the difficulty, so take the largest combat ship you can afford to fully outfit and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Card-Carrying Member

Join the Merchant's Guild

To join the Merchant's Guild travel to any Merchant Guild station and dock.

Then enter the Guild Offices and speak to the Guildmaster. You'll have to pay a one-time fee of 10,000 credits to join. Doing so gives you access to guild-only missions, ships, and equipment. Some of this will be unavailable until you increase your reputation with the guild.

Cold Hard Cash

Reach a Net Worth of 5 Million Credits

This may seem difficult when you are first starting out, but it really isn't that hard. The quickest way to earn money (now that several loopholes have been fixed by the devs) is to take in-system delivery / dead drop missions and put all your money into upgrading your Engines, Boosters, Warp Drive, and Defences so you can do the missions faster and safer. These missions can be most easily obtained at Merchant Guild stations.

Once you have maxed out your travelling and defence upgrades, move to another system which has better upgrades and higher paying missions. Note: you don't need to have 5 million credits spare in your account to get this, you only need to have the total value of your ship and account reach 5 million, so don't be afraid to spend money on upgrades.


Destroy 2,500 Fighter-Class Craft

Much like Capitol Smasher, you will need to grind a bit to get this one. The quickest way I know to destroy large numbers of fighters is to take "Super Swarm" missions which have you travel to a location and destroy a large number of fighters. If you take a ship with lots of turrets and outfit them with mining or combat lasers you should have little trouble. Hit Alt-F4 after completing the mission to quit the game so you can re-enter and do it again as many times as needed if you don't feel like travelling around looking for missions.


Purchase a Destroyer-class ship

Pretty self-explanatory. Destroyer's start at 1,719,500 credits for the Arcturus which requires you to be friendly with the Militia to purchase. Otherwise save up for the Manticore which can be bought almost anywhere for 3,949,500 credits.


Purchase a Dreadnaught-class ship

Dreadnaught's start at 13,689,500 credits for the Sorcerer which can only be bought at Militia stations. Other options are the Polaris which costs 16,879,500 and the Blackgate which costs 18,124,500 credits and both can purchased at any normal or Red Devil Cartel station.

Dusted and Done

Complete the main campaign

Keep doing campaign missions until you finish the game. Since it is completely linear and you only get 1 mission at a time you should have no trouble with this.

Feared Bounty Hunter

Collect 100 bounties

See Bounty Hunter, repeat 100x times.

Filthy Lucre

Reach a Net Worth of 50 Million Credits

This one isn't too hard to reach once you are in the final system where missions routinely earn you more than 1 million credits. Just keep following the strategy outlined in the Cold Hard Cash achievement and it shouldn't take too long. As with Cold Hard Cash you don't need 50 million credits spare in your bank, you just need to have the total value of your ship plus your bank account add up to 50 million or more.

Good Samaritan

Rescue 20 merchants

When traveling through space you will sometimes get an alert about a Distress Signal which will appear on your screen and mini map.

Fly to the signal and, if it's not a trap, destroy all ships attacking the merchant. Afterwards you'll get some reputation, money and a chance to trade with the merchant. Do this 20 times and this achievement is yours.


Find the Face of Gozu

The item can be most easily obtained by taking special missions in the final system that require you to steal one from some Viriax ships and bring it back to the station. They can also appear as rare ship cargo in later systems.

Hardcore Hacker

Hack 10 transponders successfully

When traveling through space, sometimes the message "Unidentified Signal Detected" will appear. This is a message transponder and it will be marked on your screen and mini map.

Travel to the transponder, get within range, and then start a "hack" by holding E.

To hack the transponder you will need to hit the WASD keys in a specific order before the timer runs out.

If you fail, you are unable to try again on this transponder and will have to find another. If you succeed you will have a location marked on your map which will most likely have several cargo containers floating nearby for looting.

If you are having trouble hacking consider buying a Hacking Spike subsystem for 90,000 credits which will increase the time given to complete a hack.


Jump out of the first solar system

In order to do this you will first need to buy a jump drive which costs 75,000 credits and can be obtained from any station. Then check your map for a jump gate, fly up to it, and use it to fly to another system.

Membership Has Its Privileges

Join the Mercenaries' Guild

Mercenary Guild Offices can be found starting from the second system onwards and are marked on your map with the guild symbol. To join the Mercenary Guild travel to any Mercenary Guild station and dock.

Then enter the Guild Offices and speak to the Guildmaster. You'll have to pay a one-time fee of 30,000 credits to join. Doing so gives you access to guild-only missions, ships, and equipment. Some of this will be unavailable until you increase your reputation with the guild.

Miner 49'er

Mine 50 asteroids using a Fault Tracker

There must be a law somewhere that in every space game there must be a boring grinding achievement related to mining. In this case, it's necessary to first purchase a Fault Tracker subsystem for 19,500 credits and install it on your ship. You will also need at least 1 Mining Laser installed.

Once you have both the Fault Scanner and Mining Laser, go find some an asteroid field and fly into the middle of it. Use your pulse and look around for any asteroid with red lines fading in and out on it.

Switch to your mining laser (4) and target the red lines. Destroying the asteroid this way will yield extra resources. Do this 50 freaking times and this achievement is yours.

Old Hand

Reach rank 5 in any Guild

First you will need to join a guild (see the Card-Carrying Member and Membership Has Its Privileges achievements). Then, do missions for them until your reputation reaches level 5. You can check your current rank by either docking with a guild station or hitting Control and looking to the left side of the screen. Increasing your rank with a guild will unlock guild only equipment and ships.

On The Go

Trade with a Merchant while in flight

Hail a merchant and ask them if he wants to trade.

You will need to either buy something from them or sell some of your cargo to them for this achievement.

Pirate Hunter

Kill 1 Pirate Lord

Pirate lords are powerful ships, usually with escorts, that appear randomly in systems. To find one, check your map for the pirate lord symbol.

Select him so the custom waypoint appears on your screen and you can direct your ship towards him.

Warp towards him and don't exit until you are forced to due to proximity, otherwise they will just speed up and fly away. Fight and destroy the one marked as the pirate lord, earning yourself the achievement.

Note that you will need a decent ship with good weapons and defences to survive any encounter with a pirate lord.

Pirate Killer

Kill 20 Pirate Lords

This can be a difficult achievement to get for several reasons. First is that Pirate lords are fairly tough and usually have escorts so you will need a decent ship with good weapons and defences to take them on. The second reason is that they only occasionally spawn in a system, so killing 20 can take a very long time. However, some players have found a trick that will allow you to complete this in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

To do this, first play the game until you find a system with a pirate lord. Then, enter and exit a station to save your game. Go to the pirate lord and defeat him, earning yourself another count towards the achievement. Then, without returning to any station, hit alt-F4 to close the game. Reopen the game, and you should find yourself at the point where it saved before you attacked the pirate lord. Fly to the pirate lord and kill him again, repeat as many times as necessary to get the achievement.

Progenitor Shard

Find a Progenitor Shard

Like the Gozu achievement, this one is most easily done by accepting a mission asking you to obtain one of these from some Viriax ships in the final system. They can also appear as rare ship cargo in later systems.

Salvage Job

Salvage 50 Containers

Cargo Containers can be found in space (hacking transponders will reveal their location) or dropped by large ships when they are destroyed. They contain some combination of money, commodities or sometimes even equipment. On the mini map they are displayed as large blue squares.

Simply fly close and hold E to salvage them and get all the goodies stored inside.

Side Jobs

Complete 50 missions from the mission board

Seeing as how side missions are how you will probably earn the majority of your money in this game, you should hit this with no trouble.

Siege Breaker

Break 10 blockades

Simply break 10 station blockades, see Siege Buster below for more information. If you are feeling too lazy to keep an eye out for stations under siege as you are playing through the game, find one, break it, then hit Alt-F4 to quit and reload your game. Repeat 9 times to earn the achievement.

Siege Buster

Break 1 blockade

To break a blockade first you will need to find a station that is under siege. This can be identified by moving your mouse over the exclamation points near stations on your map to see what local even is occurring there.

Once you have found a station that is under siege, travel towards it and look for a ship marked with a special "Siege Leader" icon which looks like a sword pointing upwards.

Killing that ship will "break" the siege, although sometimes this doesn't seem to trigger until you wipe out all of the other ships as well.

Skull and Crossbones

Become neutral to pirate factions

The only pirate faction you can become neutral with is the Red Devil Cartel, everyone else you can kill to your heart's content.

To do this pick missions that give you Red Devil Cartel reputation and never take missions that reduce it. Then, grind away until you hit neutral, preferably in the starting system since it will have the easiest and quickest missions. Keep in mind that when you hit neutral / friendly with the Red Devil Cartel or the Militia, you lose a ton of reputation for the other. So if you want to be non-hostile to both in the same game you will need to boost your Militia reputation to extremely high in friendly before becoming neutral with the Cartel.

Some Muscle

Hire a mercenary

A fairly easy achievement. Simply go to any station and visit the bar. There you can hire a mercenary to join you until their ship is destroyed in combat at which point they will return to a station and wait to be hired again. The price for hiring depends on which system you are in and directly correlates to how good they are in combat.

Sure Shot

Destroy 250 Fighter-Class Craft

Fighter class ships are marked on the mini map with small dots.

You should get this achievement with no special effort by the time you finish the campaign.

Sweet New Ride

Purchase a new ship

Fairly easy, just buy a new ship when you have the cash. The cheapest upgrade from your starting ship is the Mastadon which costs 43,000 credits and can be bought from almost any station in the starting system.

Torpedo Buster

Shoot down 500 torpedoes

I'm not 100% sure how this works, but I think your turrets will do this automatically for you in combat as you don't seem to be able to target or shoot them manually. By the end of the campaign you will most likely have been in enough fights that you will get this achievement without really trying. Taking Flak Cannons as your secondary weapon may help with this achievement.

Tractor Pull

Gather 200 objects with a tractor beam

For this achievement just keep picking up stuff in space as you find it and it will eventually happen. A tractor beam can be purchased from any base for 4,500 credits or taken from Orzu as a reward near the start of the campaign.

Under the Table

Successfully bribe a Militia official

To bribe a militia official, first you will need to either purchase or loot some contraband cargo (marked red). Then fly near some militia ships and answer their hail. Select the 3rd option to attempt to bribe them to let you go.

Note: This will not always work; if it does you will lose some militia reputation and be allowed to go on your way, if it doesn't you will lose 10 reputation and all militia ships in range will attack you. I think having a higher militia reputation may increase your chances, but I can't be sure. Also the amount of money they want for a bribe seems to vary and may depend on what you are carrying and how much your net worth is. If anyone knows for sure how this works please let me know and I will update the guide.

Armaxilon Feb 3, 2022 @ 11:04am 
Thanks, Spiffy, for the diligent explanation you've left with each achievement. I think I'll favorite this guide and refer to it if I get stuck. I'm sure it's bound to happen every now and again :lunar2019crylaughingpig:
Also big thanks to cdarklock for the visuals and guidance. Really helped me find the "little" bugger on my own maps.
cdarklock Aug 7, 2020 @ 6:55am 
Got some screenshots for you.

Look for a dark blue cloud like this in your map screen, almost always in the right quadrant of the map between about 2 and 5 o'clock, likely to be far from the central star:

Zoom in to confirm it has one really big asteroid guarded by enemy ships:

Head over there and fight the ships, making sure you have some mining lasers:

When you mine the asteroid, an antimatter speck will drop:

It's likely that the asteroid will be destroyed in the fight, so the speck will be mixed up in the dropped cargo from the battle.
cdarklock Aug 5, 2020 @ 9:10pm 
Names of systems are randomised. You don't have the same system names other people do, and even if you did happen to find someone else with an Abbott system, it wouldn't be the same as your Abbott system.

In any case, antimatter specks can be mined from giant guarded asteroids in dark blue clouds. I haven't done a lot of work on figuring out where exactly you can find those clouds, but a disproportionate number of them seem to show up in the lower right of systems. What you are looking for is a very dark blue cloud on the map, which has an asteroid field with one REALLY BIG asteroid that has a few enemy ships surrounding it. I'll poke around a little and try to get a screenshot for you.
Onuma Jul 29, 2020 @ 11:05pm 
Can the antimatter speck be found within the Abbott System, or must you not yet leave the Charon System to find it?
Lordpyralis Jun 6, 2020 @ 5:37am 
I cant believe this Fighter and Capital Class ships is witholding me from my 100% And every says its easily obtainable before the last quest.
warcrossx Apr 13, 2018 @ 6:05pm 
FYI to anyone having trouble with the Pirate's Life acheivement, I tried it like 20 times before I decided to try it on a CONVOY ship, not a regular merchant. Followed the steps and got it on the 1st try.
Galehann Mar 25, 2018 @ 11:59am 
I had some troubles with the Torpedo Buster achievement.I thought the flak secondary and/or the flak turrets would do the trick but it actually seems to bit kinda broken. Then I tried with the Ordinance Targeting + Pulse Canon and it worked amazingly well (on manual).
Lex Jan 7, 2018 @ 11:29am 
@Wave Got the trader thing some time ago. I guess the reason was that my ship wasn't good enough or something like that. They just didn't take me seriously till then.
Spiffy  [author] Jan 7, 2018 @ 12:06am 
I've updated the Skull & Crossbones achievement since Waveman55 and Lex have both pointed out that double crossing the militia doesn't help your Red Devil rep anymore. Thanks guys.
Waveman55 Jan 6, 2018 @ 9:54pm 
Lex. To pirate a trader I went to a distress call of a trader and right away hailed the trader and chose the option of demanding they hand over their cargo.

Backstabing the militia for Juno by dealing with Jester does not help relations with the Red Devils because he is with Double Jack. -- There is no upside to backstabbing the militia, just - 40 to your militia standing.