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Moonpath to Elsweyr
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Feb 12, 2012 @ 4:51pm
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Moonpath to Elsweyr

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For anyone that's enjoyed the Moonpath.
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The Falconeer.

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Just a visit or a recommend on the Falconeer helps me to keep going and make content, be it full blown games or mods. Steam can be a tough place, and traffic, a post on a thread all that help the algorithm to promote the Falconeer. It might be a small thing for you but being able to live of my work literally means the world to me!

Thanks Tomas Sala

------------------READ FIRST----------------------
Due to 1.7 you need to save and load once , ingame to trigger the quest and fialogue

Experience the jungles and deserts of Elsweyr, meet the inhabitants, experience unique quests. Battle new and unique enemies, raptors, sload,hyena's,imga and more. Any race is welcome to join the caravan!

The mod contains about 13 different area's to explore in a variety of styles and sizes.
Including lush jungles, dark tropical forests, deep desert, a personal hideout and much more.

How to get there:
Travel to dead mans drink inn in Falkreath.And enter the barn through the door near the entrance of the inn

There you will find two khajiit who are ready to leave skyrim, talk to verina and eventually you can join their caravan. After that the questmarker will change to the carriage and you click on that to start your journey.


There are several quests:

"By the light of the moon" : Journey the moonpath to Elsweyr with a Khajiit caravan. (starts with Verina at the moonpath marker in SKyrim)
"sweet taste of Elsweyr" : Meet the inhabitants of Tenmar Forest (starts with Yura in the Hideout)
"incursion" : Defeat the Thalmor incursion into Tenmar Forest, and travel to exotic locations such as the desert (starts with Mervar in the waterways)
"Rebuilding the past" : Explore the topal sea. (starts with Khulan starts inWaning moon Cabin)
"Dinnerguest" : Meet the Sload. (starts with Erid'or in the waterways)
"Desert stule" Get your own SIligonder armor.(starts in Desert Oasis)

All quests are voice acted with over 160 lines of recordings.

The mod is not for low level characters (15+) its meant as a adventure after finishing the main quest. But its playable with some effort by mid level characters too.



there's a technical support thread here:

File credits
Author: Muppetpuppet

Creative writing and quest editing: laserwerewolf

Skullcat: suffix
Aleyt: Ulvarmarison
yura: Ulvarmarison
Ameir: Ulvarmarison
Dervar: elementxstyle
mervar: Elementxstyle
Khulan Chishiokage
Sload: elementxstyle
Ka'mel: elementxstyle
Pahmar Guard: elementxstyle
Jo'ran: Fnorkus (
Agronian botanist: Fnorkus
Jellikir: Fnorkus
Topal Sea Base NPCs: elementxstyle
Additional Voices: Matthew Isenhour and friends
Ambient jungle sounds: jimmytrousers

-------------------------------ON THE TOPIC OF PAID MODS------------------------------------------------------------------------

To respond, here's what I wrote on the Nexus:

When I was contacted by Bethesda on this paid modding thing a few months ago (at GDC2015), I actually started thinking about doing another moonpath. A new story with new assets and with all the lessons learned.

Why you might ask? because of paid mods off-course. Moonpath is not depended on any other mod, and what I do is very insular and solo. And doing a new version would mean being able to earn money off it, perhaps even a enough to live of off. Not that I'm unhappy with my day-job , far from it, but the prospect was just to fantastic. Earn money from my work, how outrageous.

I realize Valve and Bethesda made a lot of mistakes, and going for skyrim instead of a fresh game (say, a new fallout) seemed strange. But the potential was and is huge, especially for modders like myself. I don't make armor sets or lighting tweaks, I told a story that brought together all kinds of modding disciplines, art , programming etc etc. I don't use existing assets and create most things myself. To be able to actually do this and provide for myself seemed to good to be true. And I feel especially quest and new land mods would have benefited tremendously.

Now I know the skyrim modding community is old and its own thing. And without the tools and lessons learned I would have had a hard time of modding. And I'm also deeply grateful for the talented members that dedicated time to help out with writing and voice acting. And this is a reason I will never put the original moonpath up for sale. It shall remain free.

But I don't believe earning an income is counter to community, look at the indie game community and how close and supportive that has become. And those that share will always share, even when it means someone else also makes money. For my indie game Oberon's Court I've shared my shaders and graphical pipeline already, and my game is still in development.

Furthermore I am already paying the voice actors for the work on my new game, instead of relying on volunteers. That's what commercial work does, you become a professional , and that means you invest.

But now I've stopped any plans on a new moonpath, and staying away from modding for a continued absence. The pitchforks and community outrage have honestly shocked me. There are modders being doxed and harassed because of their stance, that is unacceptable.

We are creative people, who continuously invest time and resources in, and we have a moral and practical authority to choose how we distribute our work, and why and how we apply our talent.

But 130.000 people just screamed out at me, you cannot make money from your the sweat of your brow. we have decided this for you. I did not realize I had to ask permission.

I shall not ask permission, now and in the future, but feel less inclined than ever to create a sequel to the Moonpath.

Why should I be a part of a gamer community or give freely, if it means losing autonomy over my work. Wasn't that what this was about, autonomy. Not being owned by the AAA studios and publishers.
Well being owned by a gamer community seems just as bad to me. Especially if it means my work becomes de facto public property.

I am not talking about the nexus, but me losing the moral ownership of my work to the pitchfork crowd. A crowd that just makes demands and forces its opinions on the matter on me.

So goodbye, and I say this with sadness and gratitude. I've met some extraordinary people here and on the workshop, I've learned to love and appreciate the support of gamers, and I've become a better game developer thru it. But take away a path to bigger and better things, and you also take away a reason stay around for too long.

--------------------------- Notes for other modders------------------------------------------------------------
P.S. I did honestly contemplate removing the Nexus version of the Moonpath after all the disturbing events. Not as a transfer to paid, but as a statement in favor of what Valve and Bethesda where trying to do.

I've decided against this, because of all the people that supported this mod at the nexus, and where a part in its creation. It belongs here, but there will be no sequal or any additions by my hand.

To all modders using moonpath assets: Feel free to use any and all assets I created for the moonpath. Feel free to make money of it , if that option ever turns up. A shoutout to myself or my projects is always appreciated but never required.

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jaden May 6 @ 3:49pm 
this mod is a walking simulator
Jezebel Mar 18 @ 8:07pm 
If anyone is still having issues, the Steam version of this mod is not the most recently updated version. Head over to the skyrim nexus and download the "moonpath to elsweyr 95beta" from the moonpath to elsweyr page. Be sure to activate the new files in the launcher, or better, a mod manager. Load in and everything should work, though the door will be in a different spot. If the cats don't speak to you, simply save and reload. If it crashes, just load and the cats should speak anyway.
Sylvanas Feb 17 @ 2:11am 
Awesome mod! Thank you for making it and sharing it with us all!
cadycat Feb 2 @ 12:53pm 
how do i exit the mod?? :/
Sylvanas Dec 5, 2020 @ 9:12am 
I also stopped making mods for the community when they stopped the paid mods. I had three mods on the top 100 of all time and I just couldn't keep devoting 40+ hours a week to making mods for Bethesda and not getting a paycheck because the gaming community demanded we work for free. I agree with you wholeheartedly! Thank you for your contributions to this point and I definitely will check out and support your new game! Thanks for a great mod!
Awesomesause69 Dec 3, 2020 @ 2:57pm 
Hey yall did a great job with this mod, I don't usually leave a positive review even if I like a mod because it just doesn't occur to me. However, yall voiced the characters and added unique animations to them, added wildlife that doesnt exist in skyrim which function very well and made the graphics look super realistic in skyrim standards. Bethesda should hire yall to make Elder Scrolls VI if they ever even get around to it. 10/10 would recommend. Only issue is minor glitches but that is pretty standard even without the mod.
voltaires_farm Nov 30, 2020 @ 2:46pm 
Stupid question, will this work with SE?
Potezna Polska Nov 3, 2020 @ 9:47am 
I like this mod but I ended playing that mod cause game has been glitched with quests :c
sergeant Lemon Oct 21, 2020 @ 7:11am 
good mod creative story good world design
#CatLady Sep 23, 2020 @ 10:23pm 
so sorry they made you feel this way those that cannot mod should be grateful to those that do and who share there hard work however it happens. with sincere gratitude and sadness.