Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Oct 24, 2012 @ 2:07pm
May 3, 2013 @ 12:42pm
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1 Feb 2013:
* I'm deeply sorry for all this mess, I have now took my time to test it and I couldn't find any more errors or bugs.
* Multiplayer is now fixed, I tested it on a dedicated server with a friend. Happy parachuting!

21 Jan 2013:
* Finally fixed multiplayer.
* Fixed invisibility and everything else

This will NOT work with -all- playermodels, but it's been tested with all included ones. I can not guarantee that any custom one will work, and I can not fix the broken custom ones, only the modeler can do that.

Simple parachute coded by me with inspiration from 'thegrb93's parachute.
Deploy it by either spawning the weapon or by binding a key to para_ragact, then press that key. Release it with a simple mouseclick. You can go back and forward using W and S.

I do not take credit for the model and its materials, neither does 'thegrb93'

You can parachute anyone's entities unless your server got a CPPI compatible prop protection installed.

Be sure to check out the GIT repository
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scooterboi1200 Oct 25 @ 3:57pm 
me and my friend keep disapearing what does that mean?
scooterboi1200 Oct 25 @ 3:19pm 
bear Oct 13 @ 7:04am 
Nice mod, its good for lfs when my friend rpgs my huey and Im able to ecape
Case_Dismissed Sep 1 @ 1:02pm 
last updated 2013
BlooperSnooper Aug 29 @ 1:17pm 
Ok so I found the parachute in "weapons" then "other" but it looks like its only used for rag dolls so using the bind is ultimately the better way to use this mod.
BlooperSnooper Aug 29 @ 1:12pm 
also for those that still don't know how to get the mod to work just use "bind (any key you want to use) para_ragact" and this will let you use the mod. I don't know how to spawn the mod in besides using the bind but using the bind makes it easier
BlooperSnooper Aug 29 @ 1:10pm 
There's weird interaction with the litegibs mod and this one. If I don't pull my parachute and drag myself around the floor and collide with rag dolls, my character will explode into body parts and ill be put in this spectating like effect unless I pull my chute and it fixes this issue. If there's a way to fix this issue by killing you in the rag doll state if you fail to pull your chute that would be nice. Otherwise I can just disable keep corpses anytime I wanna use the chute while keeping the gore mod on.
svetlanaarina40 Mar 5 @ 9:29am 
and werse the mod
svetlanaarina40 Mar 5 @ 9:28am 
how you yoise it
RascleStar Jan 31 @ 10:33am 
Does anyone know how to fix the invisibility issue? I would really appreciate it.