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To trade me, use !buy, !sell, !buycart, !sellcart (or !b, !s, !bc, !sc) chat commands, send an offer with one or more items according to my listed prices, or offer nothing for my items and accept a counter.
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• Avg offer processing time before items start transferring is 1 second, unmatched by any trade bot
• Fastest price updates in the business guarantee the best deal for you 99% of the time


• Instant restock of metal and keys ensures I always have enough currency to buy what I advertise
• Instant inventory cleaning on demand ensures I always have space to sell what I advertise
• I can process multiple trades simultaneously without "Items Unavailable" error


• Offers where you don't receive anything are automatically declined to avoid user mistakes
• If you still made a mistake by accidently overpaying me, contact me and I'll give you refund
• I don't sell duped unusuals (if you care about such thing) and don't trade with marked scammers


• Biggest TF2 market coverage for a single account: 25k+ listings, 2k+ items for sale (1k+ unusuals)
• All ways to trade are supported: instant buy/sell commands, cart, offers, and counter offers
• You can buy items without metal, I'll take your keys and give change based on fair key value
• Advanced name matching able to take care of typos/shortening/redundancies in chat commands
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