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schizo baby May 9 @ 5:02pm 
hey sonic!
Drywallet Apr 30 @ 7:40pm 
T'SM Spectrum Mar 12 @ 3:20am 
Obama has a pair of silent gray feet. Hillary and some stranger are waiting for an explanation.

If you are gray enough you turn purple and things get very funny when Grimace proves his husbandry.

Bill tried to use the sexophone but Chairman McCain intercepted the languid tunes to seduce Noleans into a global hurricane caused by catfish.
Sonic Mar 11 @ 9:33am 
meow Mar 11 @ 1:48am 
meow :3
T'SM Spectrum Jan 23 @ 10:53pm 
yall think it's funny to reinforce the socionormativity implying that platonormative society is funny while oppressing marginalized platonic oriented people such as aplatonix. this is a form of aphobic allonormativity, strictist suptilicism and variphobic zedsexism.