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The Bear Trap Master (The Brother): A Professional Idiot and Master of the Art of Stupidity :sacrificed:

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♥~モデウス~♥ Feb 11 @ 2:12pm 
No problem I hope your doing good with the Guide!
i was in a match with this dude and we all went heavy for attack i was med and engi for defense this guy is awsome
𝘼 𝙇 𝙄 𝘾 𝙀 Jan 17 @ 1:30am 
nice i just find the last guy and you call me toxic noice.
A nice Hat Jan 15 @ 4:34am 
Wow look at this 'killstreak' 'strange' BACKSCATTER'
❤Ultra Driller Jacky❤ Jan 13 @ 6:00am 
ทำไมคุณถึงเรียกฉันว่าหน้าแมว? :steamsad:
สมพง Jan 13 @ 5:33am