Now that I got your attention, let me tell you about the entire lore of hollow knight, basically it all started when a pale wyrm traveled to the land of hallownest, but before the wyrm arrived there were already other gods that the bugs of hallownest worshipped, the embodiment of light itself (the radiance) and a endless eldritch void (shade lord), and those two did NOT get along. But neither of those gods were in any way “good” one was a hive mind and the other consumed anything in its path, so the bugs of hallownest turned to the pale wyrm, a god that promised them free thought and safety through his prophetic visions, but the wyrm didn’t match the size of the bugs of hallownest, so he hatched from the carcass of his old wyrm body, and lo and behold the pale king was born, and with that the kingdom of hallownest and the white palace. Now that I’ve established how hallownest and the kingdom came to be, now let me talk about the return of the radiance and the fall of the kingdom. The kingdom was successful for many many centuries, until a very unfortunate bug found a statue of the radiance, and he couldn’t stop seeing her in his dreams, she was everywhere at that point, and the radiance being a hivemind, she quickly spread as an infection throughout hallownest. Out of option and out of time, the pale King had to act fast, he thought to himself, “if the Radiance control all and thee who possess thought and reason, there should be none of such” so he began the creations of the vessels, beings born of root, god and void
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