Gwimbly [Ooo Ooo Ooh!]
go away stinky cheaters
Hello! Welcome to my Profile! This arc in my life will end when I most likely earn back the money that was scammed from me from Team Fortress 2 Scammers (♥♥♥♥ you scammers) [more info in profile desc]

Here's the things I will draw:
Safe for Work (Cute, Wholesome, or Cool Pictures) :demoticon:
Not Safe for Work (Adult, Explisive, or Mature Pictures) :spycon: :sentry:

If you're interested, just friend me and we can talk about commissions, my list is pretty full right now, so I might be a bit slow on delivery time, but I'm currently being able to manage. :steamhappy:

If you came here because you want to make fun of my profile and artwork. Then go somewhere else where you can actually hurt people's feelings. :spycon:

if you're coming with me to draw something that is rather nasty or illegal, I kindly ask you to get the ♥♥♥♥ out and have a day. not a nice day. a day. :steamfacepalm: :jarate:
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Gwimbly [Ooo Ooo Ooh!] Mar 8 @ 9:41am 
Never have I ever seen a guy try to justify cheating.

Sorry, what? cheating? nooo I meant HEALING CHEATERS, and just because I'm a fetish account means I'm wrong?

you sir, are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ coping. you refuse to take the fall, you hid your friends list because you knew that I was right, I wish nothing more than you to die of a disease.

but since I know that cannot happen any sooner. I only wish for you to stop trying to prove that I'm wrong because I made a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ point.

I don't actively heal cheaters like this bozo. if you see him in your game, please kick.
mlp_fan4 Mar 7 @ 3:56pm 
yeah and then you witch hunt me for “pocketing” because he was the only one pushing into the intel LOL

i only added him because he was chill to me after he got kicked

Gwimbly [Ooo Ooo Ooh!] Mar 7 @ 11:10am 
v Pocketing Cheater + Friends with Said Cheater v
mlp_fan4 Mar 6 @ 8:27am 
weird dude kicks legits for no reason. don't be medic for this dude.
Gwimbly [Ooo Ooo Ooh!] Mar 4 @ 5:22pm 
highly noted
goated fellow Mar 4 @ 5:21pm 
how am i closet i literally have a cheating youtube linked in my bio :summercat2023: