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Will Stronghold begins ninth grade at Sky High, a high school that exclusively teaches teenagers with superpowers. Will's parents are The Commander and Jetstream, two of the world's most famous superheroes. Will's best friend, Layla Williams, who happens to have a crush on him, has the power to manipulate plant life. Will is anxious about attending Sky High, located on a floating campus reached by a flying school bus, because, unbeknownst to his parents, he has not developed any super powers.

On the first day, he and the other ninth graders are harrassed by a trio of bullies: Speed, a burly senior with super speed, Lash, a skinny senior with extreme flexibility, and Penny Lent, a senior cheerleader who has the ability to duplicate herself. Because of his lack of powers, Will is assigned to a curriculum for "Hero Support" and becomes a sidekick by Coach Boomer. His classmates include Ethan, who melts into a fluid; Zach, who glows in the dark; Magenta, who transforms into a guinea pig; and Layla, who joins the class in protest of the two-track nature of the school's education system. The class is taught by The Commander's former sidekick, "All American Boy".

Will learns from Nurse Spex that not everybody gets powers, and there are rare cases of those who have both parents with superpowers but do not inherit any superpowers, such as the bus driver, Ron Wilson. The Commander is unaware that his son has been relegated to Hero Support and shows Will his hidden trophy room, which he calls his "secret sanctum". He is particularly proud of the mysterious weapon, "The Pacifier", which he took from his science-themed nemesis Royal Pain years ago. Unknown to the two, Royal Pain, who has been presumed dead, watches them from a hidden camera in one of the other trophies, alongside a maniacal sidekick named Stitches.

As Will settles into Sky High and makes friends with the other sidekicks, he comes into conflict with pyrokinetic student Warren Peace, whose supervillain father was imprisoned by The Commander. During a fight between the two, Will eventually manifests super strength, impressing Gwen Grayson, a beautiful and popular technopath who controls machines with her mind. Will is subsequently transferred to the "Hero" track, and inevitably becomes popular and unable to hang out with his Hero Support friends.

Gwen visits the Stronghold's house and asks Will's parents to attend the Homecoming Dance to accept an award for Superhero of the Year, which they accept. Later on, while walking to her house, Gwen asks Will out to Homecoming and, to his delight, becomes his girlfriend. Will then begins spending more time with Gwen and her clique of friends, ignoring the sidekicks and Layla, who reveals to Warren that she has loved Will for a long time.

On the night before the dance, Gwen tricks Will into throwing a party at his house and, as Will takes her to his father's secret sanctum, Gwen has Speed steal the Pacifier. After Gwen lies to Layla, who shows up to investigate the noise and believes the lie, Will breaks up with Gwen, refusing to attend the dance, even though his parents were invited as honored guests. Later, he looks through his father's old yearbook and sees a student who resembles Gwen holding the Pacifier, which he subsequently discovers has gone missing. Believing that the student, Sue Tenny, is Royal Pain, and that Gwen is her daughter, he rushes to the dance.

At the dance party, Gwen reveals that she is in fact Royal Pain herself. During her previous confrontation with the Commander, the Pacifier, which is meant to turn its target into an infant, malfunctioned, turning her into a baby instead, inadvertently faking her alleged death. Raised by Stitches, she has since waited 17 years for revenge. With the help of Stitches and the school bullies, Gwen takes over the school, uses the Pacifier to turn Will's parents, the faculty, and students into babies, and plans to turn it into a supervillain academy and raise them as supervillains.

After returning to school, Will apologizes to Layla and teams up with Warren, the sidekicks, and Ron Wilson to save the day. The sidekicks demonstrate their heroism after Royal Pain sabotages the school's anti-gravity drive and their powers come in handy restarting it. Meanwhile, Will discovers that he has Jetstream's powers of flight when he is thrown off the edge of the school grounds and prevents the campus from falling using his two abilities.

Royal Pain and her henchmen are defeated and imprisoned in the detention halls. Will's parents, the faculty, and students are returned to their proper ages. His parents thank all of the sidekicks and admit they are heroes. Warren develops a love relationship with Freeze Girl. Will and Layla kiss, and a voiceover by Will at the end reveals that he and Layla have become a couple, he and Warren became best friends, he and Gwen became archenemies, and Ron Wilson gained superhuman powers after falling into a vat of toxic waste, thus becoming a superhero.

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