Jesse   Tilburg, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Professional Esports caster & Rust Coat Enjoyer
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I was global elite, then I woke up :(

Highest Faceit: Rank 10 (2389)
Current: Rank 10 (2255)

Highest MM: The Global Elite
Current: The Global Elite

Highest wingman: The Global Elite
Current: The Global Elite

Highest DZ rank: Ember Wolf
Current: Hunter Fox 3
Wins: 186 (SB 181)
Currently Offline

Electro esports:

2nd Aethel weekend series
2nd Probationary Series (1500 Faceit points)

Authority Esports:

2nd Plonska League
2nd Daybreak (€10)
1st Titan League Season 1 (€35)
1st OFL Nova League Season 4
3rd AlcaTrazz Community Wars (€25)
2nd ThePsychoticDuckLeague Season 1
1st Saturday 5vs5 by BRo Academy (3000 Faceit points)
ESEA open Season 37 5-11

TryFon esports:

1st Loyalty Series (4500 Faceit Points)
3/4 Active Duty Deployment (€5)
2nd Leet Cup Summer Showdown (£25)
ESEA open Season 38 5-9

Volpid Red:
3/4 xx-Tournaments pre-season

Drerries van de Buurt:
4th ESL Proximus Benelux Championship Autumn 2022 Qualifier #1 (Qualified)
1st Recruiting Series (3500 Faceit Points)
9/12th ESL Proximus Benelux Championship Autumn 2022 Relegation
1st 5K! Tournament (€5)
2nd Hyplosehn Fantom Series

1st GLOBAL ARENA Wingman Tournament
Redbull Flick Netherlands 2022 Qualifier 2 (3rd/4th) Qualified for LAN (w/ 1Pin)
3rd/4th (LAN) Redbull Flick Netherlands 2022 (w/ 1Pin)
3rd (LAN) GammaX CSGO LAN
1st Hyplosehn Infinity Series (€50)

Events attended:

European Development Championship Season 2 (Qual 2)
European Development Championship Season 3 (Qual 1)
Funspark ULTI: season 3 - Open Qualifier
ESL Premiership: Autumn 2021 - Open Qualifier
Kayzr League Fall 2021: Open Qualifier #2
IEM Fall 2021 Europe Open Qualifier #3

Knife history:

Falchion Knife Urban Masked FT
Navaja Knife Doppler PS4 FN
Huntsman Knife Rust Coat BS
Ursus Knife Rust Coat BS
Statrek Butterfly Knife Urban Masked FT (Current)
M9 Bayonet Rust Coat BS (Current)
Paracord Knife Fade FN (Current)


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last played on Jun 1
5,899 hrs on record
last played on Jun 1
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big slime May 21 @ 6:09am 
is this the real lil fonem?
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Signed by DutchBoy :D
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yes, VAC BAN, and?) this is not my main account
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ASHER :csgocross: