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norphel03   New York, New York, United States
UGC profile:

Competitive UGC History:

HL : s20- Steel:Backyardian Bois (spy main)(team disbanded 0W, 3L)
s21- Steel:Kawaii 5-0 (demo main)(3W-5L)
s22-Steel:The Loonie Bin(demo main)(7W-0L regular reason, 2nd place) (4th place playoffs)(9-2)
s23-Silver: :thinking: (demo main)(5W-3L, regular season, 8th place)(6th place playoffs)(6-5)
s24-Silver: got suspended :(
s25-Silver: Atrocity Exhibition (demo main)(5-2 so far)

6s : s23- Steel: 6 Corners (Sub Scout) (4W-3L)
s24-Steel: extrodinaire (demo main)(3W-4L)
s25-Steel: BoysWhoCry(roster riding)(6W-2L regular season, 3rd place)(4th place playoffs)
s27-Silver: Hot Dads (multi-class sub)

4s : s11-Steel: The Sarcastic Sesquipedalians(roster rider)(3W-5L)
s12-Steel: The Sarcastic Sesquipedalians(main demo/scout)(5W-3L regular season, 4th place)(5th place playoffs cause i didnt play the match :(
s13-Steel: The Sarcastic Sesquipedalians (3W-5L cause i was suspended)
s14-Gold: Wombo Combo (sub)

Other Competitve History:

RGL: s2-Rec league: Gucchi Gang (demo main)(1st place) s3: norphel's sidekicks (demo main)(3W, 4L)
RGL 1 day cup- div 1: 1/7/18: eu trash (demo main)(4th place)
tfcl: s4 ultiduo: :thinking: (medic)(playoffs)
tfcl: s1 HL: Snorlax Use Hyperbeam (SUH): (sub)(2nd place)
tfcl: s3 6s B-rank: Majesty Gaming (mg.): (demo main then sub) for myself

Im a demo main but i happen to enjoy playing every class
add me if u feel like playing tf2 with someone..(i can help newer players with tf2 or maybe introduce new players to comp)

feel free to offer on anything in my backpack,

one of those links should work

and i really hate aimbotters, fuck those nerds
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norphel03: males are obviosly superior to females intelectually
norphel03: and phsically
cat: intelectually?
cat: you mean
cat: intellectually?
cat: and
cat: physically?
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Hey, I see you have many useless craftable TF2 items So I can give one of my hats for all of them.
Check my profile (link in bio) and send me steam trade offer if its ok for you. Thanks for attention!
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if you wear condom, can you still get aids from eating ass?
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