ᵖᴷ CybuR ♥
Georgia, United States
Discord: CybuR#8376

If you add me, tell me why in the comments.
I don't accept adds without reason, or unless I know you.

Whispers from the past, Screams from the future.
Favorite Game
• I'm a teacher on JumpAcademy, and I surf a lot.

• I will never trade any of my unusuals or australiums. I don't care what you're offering.

Wall of Stuffs :
hyown Broke the Map Record 00:33.19 Rec. -00:00.01 Per. -00:00.11
Info | hyown finished the Map with Rank 1/77!
Hero | hyown: fuck u laure

Rick Aspie Feb 12 @ 12:53am 
epic gamer who plays sniper on turbine. +rep not edgy enough
A_Peanut Feb 4 @ 10:17am 
need find good sniper men
Neko_ Feb 2 @ 11:16am 
hewwo :cozyroe2:
crypt Jan 29 @ 10:53am 
tbh you’re not that edgy.. or maybe i haven’t seen your final form w half a bottle of whiskey :^)
Beep Beep Jan 27 @ 3:50am 
Every person requires one edgy friend on their Steam Friends List. I don't have one yet. You're the perfect edgelord for the job.