Denzel Crocker
Joshua Schweb   Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada
If you wanna friend me, please tell me why you are friending me (I am not trading at the moment so I won't accept that as a reason, sorry). Unexplained friend requests will be ignored, except for people I've played with and/or know well enough in advance.

- 20-year-old male.
- Avid TF2 player since July 2014.
- Admin for a Jailbreak server since March 2017, currently (mostly) inactive.
- Currently level 144 in Casual.
- Active in MVM (32 Gear Grinder tours, 26 Two Cities tours, 6 Mecha Engine tours) [TACOL̶O̶S̶E̶R̶BOT.TF USERS CAN GO SUCK IT].
- Received my first Australium in February 2019, an Australium Tomislav from my second tour on Gear Grinder.
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Denzel Crocker 5 hours ago 
lmao yeah cause screaming and raging at them (scratch that: micspamming the raging of another tacol̶o̶s̶e̶r̶ player) is sure gonna motivate players.

get a life outside of screaming at random players who don't meet your precious skill level bud. negativity ain't gonna get you anywhere in life.
owl bowel 8 hours ago 
-rep, thinks being nice is the way to motivate dogsh!t teammates in MvM. Complete moron; kick on sight.
owl bowel 9 hours ago 
no commenting without permission
Britbag 11 hours ago 
Denzel Crocker : gg scout you're doing great with the money
Britbag : :)
Denzel Crocker : thx i thought i'd throw some positivity around

this man is a very nice mvm person, they shot the robots like pew pew robot you're dead pew pew
Agabor Mar 20 @ 2:37am 
sup bro, lets play together, send me a friend request pls
King Arthur Pendragon Mar 5 @ 4:46pm 
Good man, a nice player in MVM and does his job well. Was great playing with you!