The demomain with the weird music taste   Singapore
On hiatus until November 6th ^.^

My TF2 Info
Main : Demoman
Sub : Engineer
Total playtime : 1535 hours,updated as of 22/5/2017

UGC HL : Boston City Pubbers as Demoman
UGC 6s : Excitement Beneficiaries as Demoman
UGC 4s : Excitement Beneficiaries as Sub Demoman
AFC 6s : Excitement Beneficiaries as Sub Demoman

I'll always be happy to merc demo/engie for your team,just drop me a pm! :)

Competitive History
UGC Highlander
UGC S21 Highlander (Steel) - Frosty Blu [Demoman]
UGC S22 Highlander (Steel) -Boston City Pubbers [Demoman]

More About Myself
Hello,I'm Wang Yizuo from Singapore,i'm an INFJ and im well... :)
As you can tell from my profile picture,I am a subscriber to Confucianism as well as Stoicism :) (No longer applies,since I changed my profile picture to my doggo <3)
I only friend people whom I know irl or are in my competitive team,so I apologise before hand if I don't accept your friend request :(

Random Moments
♥♪Vanidy♫♥ : I hate you Pootis
fB_ Festive Pootis : Why? :(
♥♪Vanidy♫♥ : The blind pipes
*DEAD* i want a mechanical keyboard : pootis i am scurred
fB_ Festive Pootis : its aimed ;-;
--Game ends--
♥♪Vanidy♫♥ : Demo takes no aim

Angel Sophie : Your so fucking
Angel Sophie : cancer to fight
--Beats me 19:20 in a demo vs solly on granary middle--
*DEAD* Festive Pootis [LFT S22 HL] : gg :)
Angel Sophie : Fucking die
Festive Pootis [LFT S22 HL] : ?
Angel Sophie : You don't get my respect
Festive Pootis [LFT S22 HL] : ;-;

Festive Pootis : Megu is meanie ;u;

Maelstrom : bcp is a shit team
Maelstrom : bcp is shit
Maelstrom : so are you
--Game ends--
Festive Pootis : gg :)
Maelstrom : kys

Festive Pootis : Night,don't watch too much anime :)
Megu : I still can't imagine that you thought I watched hentai
Festive Pootis : I'm quite sure you do >:(
Megu : Yeah I do sometimes
Megu : Hahaha
Festive Pootis : Ahah alright,just don't watch too much :)

Megu : I planted a bomb on every one of pootis' pets
Megu : If he joins I'll detonate it
Festive Pootis : But... but... doggo woggo ;u;

Azure : at this rate of smile
Azure : you be festive at 2 minute

Lan : pootis, your attitude and text dont match your music taste

casi : Are you paid every night to say gn

Megu : k guys shut up let me fap
Karamell : to what
Karamell : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Megu : my friends gf nudes

sircle : I might've accidentally made him wet ;w;
ducks : omg festive you jerked him off?
ducks : What yuri hentai is this
ducks : You mean wet as in piss right
sircle : Noo I filled my bottle with ice water and um ;w;

neosizzle : stop abusing animals

Lan : Pootis could talk to any girl alive and she would get wet
Lan : Her age wouldn't matter
Lan : He would approach Queen Elizabeth and talk
Lan : And when he leaves she is more wet than the atlantic

d4nny : Goodnight all, imma go to sleep now
d4nny : And da fei ji in bed

sircle gon give it to ya : What ;w;

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lisa Aug 13 @ 7:19am 
your dog looks like a racoon :o
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Very nice and positive person. Also extremely good at the game.
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add me ;w;
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uwu thanks ^.^
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good luck to ur exams sircle! :)