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Excitement Beneficiaries AFC 12 Div 3 as Sub Demoman - 2nd Place
Classic Washup AFC 13 Div 2 as Demoman - TBD

UGC 4v4
Excitement Beneficiaries 4v4 S11 as Sub Demoman - 12th Place
OCGP 4v4 S13 as Demoman - TBD

UGC 6v6
6bots 6v6 S26 as Demoman - TBD

UGC Highlander
Frosty Blu HL S21 as Demoman - 10th Place
Boston City Pubbers HL S22 as Demoman - 11th Place
Boston City Pubbers HL S23 as Sub Demoman - 10th Place
Klass 9 HL S24 as Demoman - TBD

Holdfast : Nations At War
The King's Own, 4th Regiment of Foot - Private

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sircle Jan 5 @ 9:58pm 
What D:
Autumn Azure Jan 5 @ 9:45pm 
Hello comrade , we shall no take over and cleanse humanity
{JIHAD^G} Potato ;3 Jan 1 @ 8:50am 
keep yourself safe ><
wubwub Dec 31, 2017 @ 9:36am 
Happy New Year ><
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merry christmas sircle wurcle ><
Clarıty. Dec 25, 2017 @ 12:29am 
Merry Christmas!