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Thank you for everyone who is checking in. I am okay, I'm just having a rough time with emotions at the moment. I wont go too in depth but depression hits hard. I apologize if I am worrying you too much, it will eventually get better.

Ex Jump Academy Soldier Teacher

Jump maps beaten-Solly

T1: ??

T2: jump_summer, jump_beef, jump_beefmas, jump_forest

T3: jump_home, jump_mawi, jump_jurf, jump_bomb, jump_aqua, jump_toxic, jump_underworld, jump_sketchy, jump_sketchy2, jump_quattro, jump_pump, jump_arctic, jump_canyon, jump_babylon, jump_aperture

T4: jump_offthehats, jump_lathy, jump_hai, jump_4soldier, jump_vex

T5: ??

Jump maps beaten- Demo

T1: jump_summer, jump_babylon jump_duck (?)

T2: jump_beef, jump_beefmas, jump_mawi, jump_quattro, jump_ canyon, jump_aperture, jump_4soldier, jump_airshift, jump_amazon, jump_arctic, jump_aridia, jump_aris, jump_above, jump_abandon, jump_adventure, jump_asshole

T3: jump_4demo, jump_sketchy, jump_sketchy2, jump_jurf, jump_panama, jump_fauvism, jump_dahl, jump_tissue

T4: jump_lathy, jump_quba, jump_abuq, jump_ugly_final, jump_gaylord2, jump_apex, jump_drheinz

T5: jump_aigis
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wwither♡ Nov 25 @ 12:23pm 
hopefully we will be on the same team next time around
alba Nov 25 @ 12:17pm 
Omg you were annoying and I had no one on my team. Until next time a.s.s.
wwither♡ Nov 25 @ 12:15pm 
i did have a fun round playing against you though, hope i see you again @vespera
wwither♡ Nov 25 @ 12:09pm 
alba Nov 25 @ 11:09am 
f a g g o t
LoMiSK Oct 24 @ 12:30pm 
axtinguisher user 34/61