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Season 16 Open - Play Minecraft Mine Diamonds, Spy (sub)
Season 17 Open - MonkESports, Sniper (main)
Season 19 Mid - Reality Check, Spy (main)
Season 20 Mid - De Coalitie, Spy (sub)
Season 20 Mid - open girls, Spy (sub)
Season 21 Low - MGE Mafia, Medic (main)
Season 22 Mid - Daily Nuts, Spy (sub)
Season 23 MID - DWARF, Spy (sub)
Season 24 Low - Geneva Suggestion, Spy (main)
Season 25 Mid - lil team vol. 4, multiclass sub

Season 25 EU Steel - Happy Murder Family, Spy (Leader)
Season 29 EU Plat - We Come Here For Medals 2.0, Spy (sub)

ETF2L S19 Pre-Season Mid - Reality Check, Spy (sub)
ETF2L S20 Pre-Season Mid - Call it something (fun), Spy (main)
Season 2 HLMixes Open - Happy Muder Family, Spy (Leader)
Season 2 RGL Fresh Meat 2 - Facestab, Sniper/Engie/Pyro/Spy (main)
RGL One Day Cup #2 Div 2 - New Dog Flow , Engie/Pyro/Spy (main)
Season 4 Russian Highlander Mid - Reality Check, Spy (main)

Season 2 EU Open - Facestab, Sniper/Engie/Pyro/Spy/Soldier (main)
Season 3 EU Div 3 - New Dog Low, Engie/Pyro/Spy (main)
Season 4 EU Div 2 - ESA Invite, Engie/Spy/Pyro/Scout (sub)
Meme Formats:
Season 1 - Play Minecraft Mine Diamonds, Spy (main)
Season 1 Scream Fortress - Beans, Spy (main)
Season 4 Ready Steady Pan - Lector and his E-girls (Leader)
Season 5 Ready Steady Pan - Happy Murder Family (Leader)

Sixes and 4v4:
Season 27 UGC 6s EU - Happy Murder Family, Scout (Leader)
Season 15 UGC 4s EU Silver - YEETSEND, Medic/Scout (sub)
Season 30 ETF2L 6s Low - God's Plan, Scout (sub)
Season 33 ETF2L 6s Low - Reality Check, Scout (sub)

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shray Nov 17 @ 5:47am 
one last thing, if there is a specific hat or item that you would take for the lid (i.e. your dream hat or a hat you would prefer to have more than the lid) feel free to let me know. I'm an avid trader so I might be able to get it thru trading.
shray Nov 13 @ 5:37pm 
Thx for the reply and understood. If you look in my inv im kinda of a sucker for blizzady storm and on bazaar I have made listings for the blizzardy lid specifically in the past. Im not looking to take advantage. My offer would be above pricing and past sales so no worries there, please let me know if you ever decide to trade it thx.
shray Nov 13 @ 12:50am 
Sorry to bother again, but the blizzardy legendary lid is my dream hat and I've wanted to offer on one for a few months now. If you're centrain that you are not trading it let me know in the comments and I'll know to stop msging, thx.
LocallyGrownButterLettuce Jul 17 @ 1:29pm 
Ah well, add me up for raids big boy. Glory to the God Killa
LocallyGrownButterLettuce Jul 17 @ 7:32am 
Imagine trying to play the victim when you got what was coming to you xD Have to wait 50 secs to extract when paying the driver. Tut tut
LocallyGrownButterLettuce Jul 16 @ 7:56am 
GG's pal but don't exit camp the taxi on interchange :lunar2019piginablanket: