Timmy Turner
Simon   Stockholms Lan, Sweden
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I don't believe in god... I don't care if you're gay, lesbian, bi, asexual, religious, athiest, male female or whatever race you are. As long as ur nice and don't bully me and accept me for who I am, i'm fine. As long as we get along and we're great friends, hell you can be a cat or a monkey if you want. you can be 90 and i will be like I don't know 20 and we can still be good friends. I don't care as long as we're great buds and we accept each other ❤
Sometimes you look at the world and you see all of its ugliness in the raw, whether its the people and their actions, or sometimes even ourselves. And sometimes we’re caught in the midst of this ugliness we can be greedy, self centered, distrustful. But if for just for a minute a day out of our busy lives, we take the time to reflect and open our eyes to see the beauty in the sky, because its a timeless beauty. No matter how cold the world turns, I can stare into the horizon to see a sun that greets me every morning, and sky full of stars — a sky full of hope. The world has a weird way of working, and maybe one day we’ll figure it out ❤
Remember that staying true to yourself is important. Never change for the sake of others or feel like you have to be or act a certain way. You are amazing just the way you are ❤
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I hope ur doing fine ! We miss you and your modding
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Rest in Pepperoni
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is he dead? last log is close to 2 years rip
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