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Who said you HAVE TO Stop "ANYTHING" when you get "OLDER". I'm 70, It's 2024. Don't talk much, type with one finger, just here to "PLAY THE GAME, HAVE FUN AND TREAT EVERYONE THE SAME". FRIEND ME or not, it's ALL GOOD, kuz I'll still try to save your butt when we meet in the game (NO PROMISES). It is better to be a team player than not. I hang back and try not to shoot anyone. If I could STOP the bullets before YOU run into them I would. Well, GOOD GAMING, "Be A LITTLE CRAZY TO STAY SANE" and HAVE FUN !! BTW, the different Avatars { Pics } I use, represent mostly cool things to look at but some do have Underlying meaning " JUZTN MYEYES " -LATER-
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Juztn MyEyes
"Be A LITTLE CRAZY TO STAY SANE," Have Fun & Appreciate What We Do Have.

Should Be This Simple !!!
LOVE IS- Knowing Someone or Something that makes you feel good
LOVING IS- Treating Someone or Something like a friend
A FRIEND IS- Someone or Something you treat like yourself
LIKING- Someone or Something will hold this all together
TRUST & HONESTY - with Someone or Something is a BOND Forever
--JUZTINZANE--1974--2023--IT'S Juztn MyEyes--

Not always what we decide IT IS. But can be used by all LIFE, capable of recognizing, it's and other's existence. Using Appearance as one method of Survival, to Attract, and or Repel. Intended to help ensure the Continuation of a Species, to protect and help preserve their own kind. WE learn we are Given what we NEED for our survival and soon Realize, how to Manipulate to get what we WANT, through the use of "APPEARANCE" and "Whatever Works". No concern about consequences to You, Me or anything in our way. Sadly, we are all born into this web of Self Survival. It appears to be, "THE Master of our Race", influencing our lives and filling our minds with False Impressions, "PROMISES" "LIES" just to preserve our Personal Existence. All becoming both "TAKER" and "GIVER". Whether Or Not we realize or even want to Admit this, It Is, WHAT WE DO. From what I have Experienced, most of us just want to be ACCEPTED. "TRUST" is most Important for our Species to survive! But what do we do with the Pain of DISTRUST? Build walls and use the "APPEARANCE" of Something we are NOT, to help Hide the Physically & Mentally Damaging way of living in the Shadows, Trusting no-one, moving us closer to the EXTINCTION of our Individual Uniqueness and Likely our Race. Fortunately, some of us have learned to take the Negative and find a Positive. If we want to Accept that it's there we will see it. As resourceful as we are, I believe we will find our way out of this MENTAL MADNESS. Hoping this is not, Juztn MyEyes.
--JUZTINZANE--1979--2023--Juztn MyEyes--

To Want Too Stay Free-

What is it that is happening
What is it taking place
The lies that which we live in
Are choking the human race

The things we hold of value
Are born of selfish greed
To stand inside the lime light
We'll cut you to your knees

It really is quite funny
To see how we can laugh
It really is a joke
When we play and when we dance

I know just what can happen
In the mind of humans delight
But are we someone's puppets
Or do we control our lives

It takes a lot of guts
To want too stay free
It's only going to happen
If it comes from you and me
wu Mar 10, 2020 @ 7:22pm 
I was way too high when i commented on your profile lol we should play some time
DUKE NUKEM Dec 31, 2019 @ 8:12am 
Thanks for the message hope you have a fantastic new year :Forrest:
Z.E.N Dec 27, 2019 @ 10:02pm 
Thank you for the kind words for this holiday season. May you enjoy the upcoming new year with your family and friends.
Graymoon8 Dec 23, 2019 @ 7:31pm 
Merry Christmas To you !!!!!:steamhappy::steamhappy:
oopadoo Dec 23, 2019 @ 5:15am 
Thank you my friend, have an awesome Christmas! To another year of kicking zombie ass together >:)
wu Dec 12, 2019 @ 11:55pm 
+rep left 4 dead 2 great player (even tho i didnt play with him, He sadly left)