I don't like cheaters
Cheater names to looks out for - Raindrop, Redux, Jak Croat, thinkela, Still feather, pedro, nep gamer, asperger boy, bad paste tester, fungwah, tf2god, vcaps, Ravage

I play on a 60hz laptop with about 100 or so fps average in a fight. So yeah scout and sniper are hard to play for me

10kb: I can't play until the neighbours go cause they're streaming from youtube
JD: they are streaming from youtube?
10kb: we'll give it a shot
JD: did i hear that right?
10kb: WAIT
10kb: no not streaming but watching youtube vids
10kb: this weed does me no favours
JD: nah thats not what u said man

JD: There's an apple, there's an orange, and there's a melon *breaks into Careless Whisper*
Bees: That's the Lionel Richie song right?
JD: ...
*few minutes later*
JD: Ok before you google it, who is it by?
Bees: George...Martin?
(Bees, were u stuck between george michaels and dean martin by any chance? xD)
*a week later*
regret.jpg: did you fixc up the lionel richie thing

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CareBear Mar 17 @ 10:06pm 
Hey, I am clearing out my friends list and removing people I don't often talk to. If you would still like to have me added, just send a friend request back with a comment and I will accept it.
Bernie Da Berd Mar 11 @ 12:57am 
skilled soldier main
Raindrop Feb 27 @ 10:35pm 
how does eC manage to continue to be complete lolcows
eC [3]Dee Feb 12 @ 6:06pm 
Added to talk about a few 'totally legit' players
pizzatoppingz Dec 30, 2018 @ 10:27pm 
Popopopopppo!! *shrieks