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Posted: Mar 25, 2020 @ 5:22am
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Game info:
I don't know who tought that Peggle combined with a roguelike would be a good idea, but in this case, it ended up as an amazing and very addictive game. And that should mean more to you when I tell you that I normally don't like Peggle or roguelike! But this game looked so charming in the screenshots that I wanted to try it out.

This game has 3 different characters, a warrior, a rogue and a wizard (Don't call her a mage!). Those 3 characters all have 4 different kinds of spells. You randomly start with one and you have space for 2 spells. You'll switch them during your run for higher levels of the same spell or new spells. At the beginning of each run, you feel like you don't have control, but with all the upgrades you acquire and different weapons, armor, and spells, you'll be more in control bit by bit. In one run with the rogue, I kept a level 2 armor, which doesn't sound good on paper, but it gave me mana with every pot in a level I broke, which fixed any mana problems and I could just spam my favorite spell. I've managed to finish the complete run with that low-level armor, just because the special ability was so nice.

During a run you get upgrades a lot of the time, including a Wheel of Wonders, which has better upgrades on it the more money you collect during the run. At the end of a run, you'll spin the Wheel of Wonders one more time to get an upgrade you'll start the next run with. So the better your current run, the better the upgrade for your next run will be. A run ends after the third boss at the end of the third map. When you start the game, that feels a long way down. But believe me: it is not that far or impossible with the upgrades you'll get.

The price of this game might be a bit high, but I really enjoy the game itself. For me it is very addictive and I just love how your character gets more helpful abilities during the runs. And on top of that, the game looks very good.

Achievements info:
You'll unlock most of the achievements by just playing the game. Examples of those are achievements for the 3 prizes on the Wheel of Wonders, achievements for the mini-bosses and all the normal bosses. There are achievements for which you need to do something special, like for the summoning portal. You'll have to not kill the summoners before they finish the portal, so don't go for this achievement on a run in which you plan to complete the run, because that level will be a bit harder after they are done with the portal.

The achievements that seem to be the hardest are getting a score of 1 million gold, but most of all to master all the relics. You'll get your first relic during your first run. you get an extra relic every time you complete a run, which means killing the third boss. To master all 10 relics you have to complete a run with that relic active. The first relic you get is one that will help you, it makes the game a lot easier, but the others are most of all extra challenges. You can activate as many relics as you want. This is not only the hardest achievement, because you have to win at least 10 runs to unlock them all, but completing a run with them will be the real challenge.

Pros & cons:
+ Very addictive gameplay
+ Each run feels very different because of the different characters, weapons, armor, skills, and upgrades you get during a run
- The price is a bit high, but I think it is worth it
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janner66 Dec 28, 2020 @ 11:12pm 
I love Peggle but was a little worried about the roguelike elements. I think I will give it a go though. Thanks for the review.
FruitNDoggie Mar 27, 2020 @ 5:13am 
Add more effects and a sense of progression to Peggle and you get this game. I could see that working.
YQMaoski Mar 25, 2020 @ 9:50am 
Seems like the kind of game I will like, will keep an eye out for it. :D Thank you!