Сергей   Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
:csgogun: Be aware!
:csgox: Don't have any discussion accounts.
:csgox: Don't communicate via Discord.
:bandit: Check post below before sending friend requests! :bandit:
Info Box
:csgox:I don't add people without a reason.
:csgox:I don't add people with bad rep.
:csgox:I don't trade with bad rep people.
:csgox:I don't add people with private inventory.
:steamthis:You can send trade offer with some explanation or post comment on my wall(don't recommend due to impersonators).

:steamthis:P.S. I don't count as reason smth like "added to trade/discuss" etc. Specify the purpose of friend request.

Mannco store

:csgoglobe:Check out my items on Mannco store [].:csgoglobe:

:tank: How to see Mannco item's page on ? :tank:
Just install Mannco Chrome extension [].

Trade FAQ

:portalbirdhead: Is your price firm? :portalbirdhead:

:portalbirdhead: Someone is selling item cheaper / offers more for my item. Can you beat it? :portalbirdhead:
No. I don't play such games.

Item offers

:portalbirdhead: Can you accept 1:1 offer? :portalbirdhead:
If you prefer to waste your time, you can send offer. Either i won't respond you, or just decline it.

:portalbirdhead: How much overpay required for item offer? :portalbirdhead:
35%. You can find required price with overpay in any order's notes.
There is one exception - if sum buy order's prices of your item(-s) matches my price in pure.

:portalbirdhead: Can you make a discount because i'm paying pure? :portalbirdhead:
No. All my prices are in keys. Any item in offer requires overpay.

:portalbirdhead: About mixed offers: :portalbirdhead:
Overpay isn't canceled if you send mixed offer. You just reduce it.
For example. I ask 30 keys for item. you can give only 10 keys pure. so you need overpay on the remaining 20 keys.
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Tour counts (including reseted badges, tours on alts), last update 05.01.2023:
Oil Spill: 1
Steel Trap: 1
Mecha Engine: 180
Two Cities: 1910+
Gear Grinder: 490

Total Australiums: 58

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Force-A-Nature: :tga_trophy::tga_trophy:
Frontier Justice: :tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy:
Grenade Launcher: :tga_trophy::tga_trophy:
Knife: :tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy:
Medi Gun: :tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy:
Minigun: :tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy:
Rocket Launcher: :tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy:
SMG: :tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy:
Scattergun: :tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy:
Sniper Rifle: :tga_trophy::tga_trophy:
Stickybomb Launcher: :tga_trophy:
Tomislav: :tga_trophy:
Wrench: :tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy::tga_trophy:
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Dry muff May 26 @ 5:02pm 
130 keys for starlight haze colonel kringle?
skeeW May 25 @ 5:33pm 
sent trade for scorch executioner
Nemungha.dnvn May 2 @ 10:34am 
zjarary hary May 2 @ 12:33am 
accept trade offer okok
[neab] Kevo May 1 @ 11:53pm 
add for blast defence
Pentera Apr 26 @ 12:13pm 
yo please accept :)