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I like to play Pyro, deal with it.

Both mancers aren't going to leave my inventory.
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the year is 20XX...

I am the former server manager of FoG's Trade/Idle servers (#1-#3)
Head Admin of HarpoonGaming.

Do not add me regarding bans on harpoon servers, you can appeal your ban here []

If you ever want to add me regarding a trade, post on my profile , otherwise I will just ignore or block you, no matter how good your offer is.

Important stuff about me
My outpost link: Outpost Profile []
My link: Profile []
My steamrep link: Steamrep Profile []
My MvM Lobby link: MvM Lobby Profile []

My rep: rep []
Fortress of Gamers rep thread []

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These items are NOT for sale. They were gifted by good friends and like my mancers, they won't leave my inventory.
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@sardeenz there is no way I could ever do that. Sorry.