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John Deere   Seoul, Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, Korea, Republic of
The Terran Kingdom had become fully infested. The likes of Life and Roro defiled the throne that once belonged to Mvp, and his castles were laid to waste by Leenock and Soulkey. No corner of the realm was left untainted, not even MKP's silver stool which was taken by the tunneler, Reborn under the waters of Yongsan and anointed on the korean ladder, Bogus became Innovation.

And before he descended upon the studios of Gangnam, he gave his last sermon. "Warn them. Warn them all to flee now, for not a zerg shall survive my fury. If they surrender, they may leave in peace to the lands of Europe and America. If they stay, I will have no mercy."

"Widow mines will split open the earth, releasing the fiery bats of hell. The skies will grow black with the shadows of the medivacs, and they shall see no light but the harsh exhaust of the afterburners. Mules will rain from the heavens, and they shall be deafened by the sound of concussive shells. The GSL will be cleansed of the Zerg, and the Terran will reign supreme once more."

'And I wept, for I knew his words to be true'

-INnoVation had a dominating 21-3 record in Heart of the Swarm TvZ in both Proleague and WCS Korea, where the only macro game he lost had been against his finals opponent Soulkey.

-INnoVation is the first player to have won the GSL, the SSL, and the VSL

-INnoVation is one of the Four Horsemen of Terran, alongside Maru, TY, and ByuN.

-From 2013 to 2017, INnoVation has won at least one Premier Tournament per year.

-INnoVation was rank 1 on TeamLiquid's Power Rank 3 months in a row.

Nicknames: The Machine

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