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hi friend can you help me there is a discount on the game State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition help me buy it for me please(
PAIV🐺 Sep 19 @ 3:24pm 
Hello dear kioShiMa :hehheheh: , I'm from Brazil and would like to ask for your signature on my humble profile. I'm not going to lie, because I collect the signatures of the best, and you are one of those signatures that I would like to have. :diplomacy:
Tom Riddle Sep 17 @ 10:38am 
I know the chance that you will read this is quite small, but I would still like to ask for a signature in my profile as a keepsake. This is my little hobby of collecting signatures from the best players in the world.
Thank you so much and all the best!❤️
cobzera Sep 13 @ 10:16pm 
can you plz sign me thanks for your time bro
Bombastic Side Eye Sep 12 @ 4:32am 
Hey man, do you sign? It would mean alot to me if you could!
Tom Riddle Sep 10 @ 10:16am 
What's up bro, can you please sign in the profile, I will be very grateful❤️🫶❤️