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shameless commie ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ spouting filth.
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My plug for the website called the .

This is one of the most relevant resources for important information I have ever found on the internet. Ever since I began seeking out the "truth" all I ever found was a lot of conjecture and hearsay.
but it wasn't until I found the Bill Cooper's Radio program The Hour of the Time and website
that I finally began to pull the wool from over my eyes.
When I found the "programming" of Bill Cooper and Doyel Shamley, their recording began to teach me a whole lot about original thinking, documentation, and patriotism. I am very greatful to Bill and Doyel for the time they took to inform Americans about current events and the true root causes of social problems here in America and the rest of the world.

I personally believe that without the information found at the hour of the Time , most people won't even know where to begin, in order to stay well informed and to prepare for whatever calamities or trouble could come in the present and foreseeable future.

My personal beliefs:
Being an American is perhaps my single most greatest birthright that I have in this life. And yet for most of my life I have failed to pay it the attention and respect that I needed to ensure the survivability of my place as a contributing member of the American Society.

Now it is time that I choose begin expressing myl appreciation for being born in the United States of America to have the opportunity to live as an American by acting American and living up to the Ideals that were proposed to "Us" by those Founding Fathers the Freemasons of America.

Forget about all the conspiracy ♥♥♥♥ around the founding fathers motivations for a moment, and come to appreciate the great opportunities the founding fathers made for Americans and indeed all humanity as a whole; those opportunities being enshrined in the documents that make up our American government. No where in the world is liberty and Freedom more guaranteed than in the "Creator" inspired principles that are found in the common law, the articles of confederation, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights.
**And on special note Constitutionally protected Creator Endowed rights are the most pivotal " pinnacle responsible for human progress " in ever in know human history.**

The point being is that without each and every cherished and yet forgotten right we should enjoy...; all this is being usurped by corruption of the intelligence oligarchy and apathy of the custodians, thats "We the People."
That being said, I think it is only appropriate to state that: " It is time to get our heads unstuck from the inside of our collective asses and start assuming responsibility for the destiny of American Freedom forever.
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