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Trading has been good to me and made alot of money with that money comes a price ive spent way too much time also working on trades and left little time to play.

Totol spent = $600

Total inventory = $20,000 (three accounts)

Total Cashed out $32,000

Please watch and Fav my stream :D

http://www.twitch.tv/raydoxcsgo pls give me a fav/follower on twitch

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Going to be doing skin giveaways for followers goals reached.

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StatTrak™ P2000 | Pulse


Been playing CS around 15years since beta off and on.

Trading now just over a year and tend to trade more than i play now which is sad i no but hence why my inventory is nice :)

No im not rich and no i didnt buy all my skins, ive unboxed around 50-60 cases was lucky to find two knives and went from there all in all ive spent around £500 on skins and keys and now have an inventory over £10k+++ and also the IRL Money ive cashed out

send trade offer here click

Dont add me begging for skins i have alot of friends i play with that i would rather give to that random adds, if u add me and i ignore its because you have nothing of interest to me sorry
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