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the fear is back! :ashscared::chainsaw::zombie2:
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NPC/PLAYERMODEL I ported the guy from all my gta videos into gmod. It took me all day. I HATE WEIGHT PAINTING I HATE WEIGHT PAINTING I HATE WEIGHT PAINTING the textures look great, i even got the visor to be reflective thats pretty cool the only thing bad
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Created by - DOOM Wizard
DOOM Wizard May 26 @ 9:58pm 
well that just ain't right
carmen winstead May 24 @ 2:11pm 
DOOM Wizard May 22 @ 4:59pm 
what sort of... confounding... some kind of newfangled speech?
carmen winstead May 21 @ 10:29pm 
*sticks tongue out* :P bleeeeh
DOOM Wizard Jan 10 @ 6:31pm 
say whaaaaaat
carmen winstead Jan 10 @ 12:03am