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A bomb defusal map set in an undisclosed location in Iceland.

Unsettling evidence discovered by researchers will foil the terrorists plan for world domination. Unless they can blow it all up...

Special Thanks go to our friends and the Mapcore community.
Created by - 'RZL, Yanzl, and Oliver
Workshop Showcase
41410009 Oct 24 @ 7:04pm 
I love Breach and Basalt. Incredible atmosphere and gameplay. Very familiar environments to me.
♀genos Sep 22 @ 11:49am 
hey.. i want to ask you about your props in the map thrill:steamhappy:
BAGEL Jul 12 @ 8:55pm 
Hi, i wanna ask ab props on Breach map. Can u add me for short discussion?
Azure San Jul 5 @ 11:53am 
thank you for your contributions to the CSGO community :)
krabz Jun 19 @ 12:11pm 
Hello! Would you accept a proposal to make a map for me? I pay in cash. If you are interested, accept the friendship invitation.
JACK [USA] Jun 1 @ 9:02am 
Dude your maps are awesome keep up the good work.