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I understand that people want to add me as friends because I make cool stuff. But that's not how it works! I'll only add people who make cool stuff themselves!
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rhoman5 1 hour ago 
Thing about my 400kmh razor train is, it was only there before it wasnt
i dont remember what happned, i used to have eccelent memory, but it ither flew off the tracks or i had to shut off thje engines or else it would fly off on the curve
rhoman5 1 hour ago 
Wanna work together ace?
I build my trains in scrap mechanic
rhoman5 1 hour ago 
they are avg very small
the best thing ive got for corners is cruise mode
which fails often
rhoman5 1 hour ago 
ive been trying to reach 1200kmh, aka, speed of sound
for cargo freight trains
ACE 12 hours ago 
wait SOMEONE BROKE MY RECORD??? dammit 300kmh trains are slow...
rhoman5 Jan 26 @ 2:07pm 
oh thats why you friended me!
it was for the 400 kmh train right?
am i right? i'm just very curious