Patrick   New Brunswick, Canada
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:hardhat: I am a web developer and a surf mapper for Momentum Mod
:burn: I have 10k hours in tf2 but like 10 hours in the base game :burn:

*DEAD* Jack Number 1 : 11k hours btw
*DEAD* Jack Number 1 : also check /b/ for your ip address
*DEAD* Jack Number 1 : :D
*DEAD* Jack Number 1 : have fun getting swatted

tumblr [xbmann.tumblr.com]
discord: Xbmann#0110
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Mapping Credits
Maps I've authored:
surf_rez ( TF2 [gamebanana.com])( CS:S [gamebanana.com])( CS:GO [gamebanana.com])
surf_zealand ( TF2 [gamebanana.com])( CS:S [gamebanana.com])( CS:GO [gamebanana.com])
tfdb_box_evening [gamebanana.com]
surf_rez2 ( TF2 [gamebanana.com])( CS:S [gamebanana.com])( CS:GO [gamebanana.com])
tfdb_citystreets [gamebanana.com]
surf_froots2 stage 8 & bonus 5
surf_minigolf ( TF2 [gamebanana.com])( CS:S [gamebanana.com])( CS:GO [gamebanana.com])
surf_tendies bonus 1
surf_monotony ( CS:S [gamebanana.com])( CS:GO [gamebanana.com])
surf_wasteland bonus 1

Maps I've ported for tf2:
tfdb_neutral_sss [gamebanana.com]
surf_school [gamebanana.com]
surf_gloom [gamebanana.com]
surf_ivory [gamebanana.com]
surf_gleam [gamebanana.com]
surf_not_so_quick [gamebanana.com]
surf_aser [gamebanana.com]
surf_chateau [gamebanana.com]
surf_zoomboys [gamebanana.com]
surf_cyberwave [gamebanana.com]
surf_interference [gamebanana.com]
surf_garden [gamebanana.com]
surf_garden_h (Unreleased)
surf_domain (Unreleased)
Workshop Showcase
7 stages, 2 bonuses, tier 3, 3500 maxvel.

A long awaited collaboration developed on and off throughout 2019 - 2020. This was abandoned for a while by the original organizer until I picked it up and started working on it. It went through 4 different ma
Created by - granis and Xbmann
Artwork Showcase

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PopeZombie Apr 21 @ 11:46pm 
how do cin into a 2d double vector?
Xbmann Apr 21 @ 10:42pm 
import stdio.h
PopeZombie Apr 21 @ 10:38pm 
do my c++ hw
Lo-fi Longcat Mar 16 @ 7:06am 
yesterday👏was👏the👏ides of march❗️❗️❗️📆😜 Julius Caesar 💬might💬 have gotten💘the knife😩 but I'm ❌NOT❌🙅 going to stab🔪🔪YOU in the back👌🙏 because you're my 👬HOMIE! send this to 1⃣5⃣ Rulers 👑of Rome that you 🚫won't🚫 stab in the back 🔪🔪 ET TU BROTE?? 🙊
Spy Complex Mar 4 @ 2:47pm 
ChristianKing787 Jan 30 @ 10:32pm 
+rep Nice med & team player.