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Cancer survivor, send money pls. // USPS with rare sticker.

1.- Icarus Fell mw
2.- Bayonet - Doppler Phase 2
3.- awp hyper beast
4.- stat asiimov FT awp [CHECK]
5.- Vanilla Karambit

"5:32 PM - Watermelón: I swear, if you actually get that I'm going to flip ♥♥♥♥" -Merc, 2014
happy birthday []

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Mainly/only used for practice and ♥♥♥♥, not for trades.
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Currently 21 Y.O. , birthday 11 june
first car? 2008 Mazda 3, manual
Xavier is your real name? Yes
Favorite tv show? House
Do you watch anime? no. I read a bit of manga.
Studying medicine

A list of my final thoughts before making most decisions:
1) ♥♥♥♥ it

Favorite Quotes:

"My only question is... How can I make this look more like a penis? Because as everyone know, penises are the most aerodynamic natural structure until this day..."
-Markplier, 2013

"[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
Dosh! Grab it while you can lads."- Killing Floor [/h1]
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I like cheese.
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Linksupersayan (Linksupersayan): Ya no puedo esperar para llegar a casa y ver hentai de la man rana de My Hero Academia
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