why cat praised for being fat and covered in hair but not i   Australia
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idiot resume

caster for tflive

ozfortress 6v6
s15 intermediate - ninja robot dong sharks (medic)
s16 intermediate - ninja robot dong sharks (medic)
s17 intermediate - ninja robot dong sharks (medic)
s18 intermediate - ninja robot dong sharks (medic)
s19 premier - xenophobiaphobia (medic)
s20 premier - salt free gaming (allclass sub)
s21 intermediate - ninja reform dong sharks (demo)
s22 premier - damage re-inc (medic)
s23 intermediate - ad hominem (scout)

midsummer nights cup 2016 1 uwu tang clan (demo)
midsummer nights cup 2016 2 rac jr (scout)
summer cup 2017 barry morgan's world of organs (medic)
summer cup 2018 intermediate (pocket)
revival cup 2018 damage re-inc (medic)

UGC 9v9
S14 steel - blamexander (pyro)
S15 plat - power to the plebeians (pyro)
S16 plat - power to the plebeians (pyro)
S17 steel - power to the plebeians (pyro)
S18 plat - power to the plebeians (pyro)
S19 plat - clown college (pyro)
S20 plat - lovable m8 (pyro)
S21 plat - power 2.0 the plebeians (sniper)
S22 plat - squid kids (engineer)
S23 ausnz - tism (spy)
S24 ausnz - shabba's harem (sniper)
S25 ausnz - crippled cartel (medic)

respawn league HL
s1 crippled airlines (heavy)

UGC 6v6
S16 steel - spicy weasels (scout)
S19 steel - ninja robot dong sharks (medic)
S20 gold - ninja robot dong sharks (medic)
S23 steel - nz: number one buyer of velcro glove (medic)
S26 platinum - gamers (allclass sub)
S27 platinum - gamers (allclass sub)

RGL prolander
s1 aus/nz - agent orange (medic)

UGC 4v4
S4 - svf (soldier)
S5 - svf (soldier)
S6 - svf (soldier)


Artwork Showcase
medic :)
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CPU - Intel Core i7-4790K
Mobo - Asus Z97-A ATX
16gb Corsair DDR3 RAM
GPU - Nvidia GTX980
Kingston 240gb SSD
WD Black 4tb storage
Power Supply - SeaSonic 520W 80+ Platinum fanless
Case - Corsair 750D
ASUS VG278HR @120hz
Logitech G303 @1000dpi (about 11"/360)
Corsair K70 with Cherry MX browns
Audio Technica PDG1 Headset
Skcattel Nov 1 @ 4:59am 
Great casting my gamer
Dislarbie. Oct 27 @ 7:05pm 
Dislarbie. Oct 17 @ 9:41pm 
That is a blantant lie
Scrambles Oct 17 @ 5:06pm 
this gamer is the hottest gamer in the universe
senor bonecage Sep 15 @ 3:03am 
Nibble Sep 7 @ 5:48pm 
the doors this way