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why cat praised for being fat and covered in hair but not i   Australia
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idiot resume

retired gamer/caster

ozfortress 6v6
s15 intermediate - ninja robot dong sharks (medic)
s16 intermediate - ninja robot dong sharks (medic)
s17 intermediate - ninja robot dong sharks (medic)
s18 intermediate - ninja robot dong sharks (medic)
s19 premier - xenophobiaphobia (medic)
s20 premier - salt free gaming (sub)
s21 intermediate - ninja reform dong sharks (demo)
s22 premier - damage re-inc (medic)
s23 intermediate - ad hominem (scout)
s24 premier - construction worker emoji (medic)
s25 intermediate - kevin (demo)
s26 premier - the older gamers (sub)
s27 intermediate - octowang reborn (medic)
s28 premier - jasmine beef (badge reciever)

midsummer nights cup 2016 uwu tang clan (demo)
midsummer nights cup 2017 rac jr (scout)
summer cup 2017 barry morgan's world of organs (medic)
summer cup 2018 intermediate (pocket)
revival cup 2018 damage re-inc (medic)
summer cup 2019 1 - frieza ball (medic)
summer cup 2019 2 - off in the shower (scout)
summer cup 2020 - scout/demo sub

UGC 9v9
S14 steel - blamexander (pyro)
S15 plat - power to the plebeians (pyro)
S16 plat - power to the plebeians (pyro)
S17 steel - power to the plebeians (pyro)
S18 plat - power to the plebeians (pyro)
S19 plat - clown college (pyro)
S20 plat - lovable m8 (pyro)
S21 plat - power 2.0 the plebeians (demo/sniper)
S22 plat - squid kids (engineer)
S23 ausnz - tism (spy)
S24 ausnz - shabba's harem (sniper)
S25 ausnz - crippled cartel (medic)
S26 ausnz - crippled cartel (heavy)

respawn league HL
s1 crippled airlines (heavy)
s2 crippled airlines (heavy)
s3 crippled airlines (demo)
s5 sanctum (spy)
s6 sanctum (spy)

UGC 6v6
S16 steel - spicy weasels (scout)
S19 steel - ninja robot dong sharks (medic)
S20 gold - ninja robot dong sharks (medic)
S23 steel - nz: number one buyer of velcro glove (medic)
S26 platinum - gamers (allclass sub)
S27 platinum - gamers (allclass sub)

RGL prolander
s1 aus/nz - agent orange (medic)
s2 auz/nz - porche airlines (medic)
s3 aus/nz - porche airlines (medic)

UGC 4v4
S4 - svf (soldier)
S5 - svf (soldier)
S6 - svf (soldier)

Respawn 4v4
s1 4s airlines
s2 4s airlines

meme events
tumblr vs reddit s2
ready steady pan
rgl no restriction 6s
palaise no restriction 6s
Artwork Showcase
medic :)
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CPU - Intel Core i7-4790K
Mobo - Asus Z97-A ATX
16gb Corsair DDR3 RAM
GPU - Nvidia GTX980
Kingston 240gb SSD
Samsung 980evo 1tb SSD
WD Black 4tb storage
Power Supply - SeaSonic 520W 80+ Platinum fanless
Case - Corsair 400C
ASUS VG278HR @120hz
Logitech G703 wireless @1000dpi (about 11"/360)
kono kira w box royals
AKG 240ii, sm57
trade offer for your karambit rust
hummus steve Jan 31 @ 6:07pm 
Jack Thatcher 2003
starb 🏏 Jan 20 @ 3:51pm 
these nuts
Tantei Rotana Jan 9 @ 5:15pm 
omarroyy Jan 2 @ 10:22pm 
hey was wondering if your tryign to sell/trade any of your items, i got cash or items. and if your curious ab trusting me i have plenty of cash rep
ozfortress catfish Nov 21, 2020 @ 5:31am 
ʜᴏᴛ ᴅᴏɢɴᴀʟᴅꜱ