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Posted: Jan 29, 2023 @ 3:36am
Updated: Jan 30, 2023 @ 2:35am

Quake Live has pretty much been my first introduction into the arena shooter genre and (actually) starting playing this game was probably the best decision I could've make in gaming since I starting playing on PC in 2012.

This game is one of the "rawest", "cleanest" and "smoothest" first person shooters I've ever played and I personally don't think any new game will be able to beat it. Overwatch 2 comes the closest in my opinion, but it's still many many miles behind this game (in terms of "purity"), not to mention it's a completely different shooter genre.

I bought this game back in 2020, but never truly played it. I downloaded the game and played a few clan arena (CA) matches, got pwned and uninstalled the game with no further interest in playing it. The year 2023 came around and I was already really bored of the current state of shooters and where they were heading, so my bored self started going through the endless library of games on Steam and found Quake Live (again). I downloaded the game and I started playing CA again (for real this time).

First few days were really rough. You are surrounded by veterans that have been playing this game since the 90s and have mastered everything. You will get pwned, but trust me, you will learn, everyone starts like that in this game. I was down to ~600 ELO according to QLStats (QLStats is a website/plugin for tracking player statistics. Most servers nowadays run this modification).

Learning, practicing and mostly dying later. I collected a bit over 50 hours and I managed to climb from 600 ELO to an average 1100 ELO. Even after getting over the 1000 ELO mark, this game challenges you, and it challenges you a lot.

Meet people, ask questions, they will always answer. It's (mostly) a great community (at least the CA one).

I'd like to link some YouTube videos, that have helped me improve in this game:


https://youtu.be/8aeuPFBR-XE (+ Part 2)


Keep practicing and you will eventually get there. This is THE FPS game. ;>

See you around.
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