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While the underlying racing and car customization is marvelous, this game is unplayably hamstrung by the immersion-breakingly horrible rubber-banding 'catch up' they apply to the cops that will chase you out of nowhere.

Unless you take huge stunt jumps or literally suicide into water so the cops all dive in after you there is literally no other way to escape them, as no matter how fast or slow you are, doesn't matter if you're 90mph or 200mph, the last cop chasing you will be magnetized to your bumper and can't be outrun no matter what.

And as it's impossible to progress in the game (story or further parts unlocks) without racing when these magnet-cops are in play, that effectively blocks progress unless you stick to areas with more jumps with an F-Zero GX track.

So as a racing game? It'd be a HUGE thumbs-up except the fact that they gave up on making the cops challenging without making them cheat the literal game physics just to be oppressive instead.
Posted June 7.
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The rebooted Doom is entirely a single-player campaign with a very good, compelling, and enjoyable story. It's an excellent sequel to the 2016 game.

One minor complaint I do have is it feels more like a story draped over fighting arena's, versus 2016's "fighting random locations, some of which suck" so it comes across as overly tuned at times.
Posted May 16. Last edited June 19.
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Early Access Review
If you were a fan of Bastion but wished it had replayability?

This is your game.

This is SuperGiantGames true return to form, finally escaping the bowels of the EGS and truly showing it's marvelous colors here on Steam!
Posted December 25, 2019.
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If you're a fan of the first two Terminator movies, this is a game you'll deeply enjoy.

Gunplay is solid, the skill tree is somewhat simplistic but does what it needs to, and the few choices to have to make aren't simple "good/bad" ones. They may be simplistic choices at times, but they feel like choices not just toggle-switches.

Overall this is well worth the asking price, and a good story to play through at least once!
Posted November 28, 2019.
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While the game looks awesome to play, it has zero warning that is essentially requires a controller to play currently. It's impossible to navigate menus (or even ACCESS them!) unless you guess which keys the controls are bound to by default. WASD + G for others.

I'll revisit this game after a few patches, but currently it's "keyboard" support is less functional than just running AutoHotKey and has frustrating and confusing defaults.

When your mouse (despite having a pointer on screen!), space bar (except on the title screen!?), enter, and escape do nothing, but G, H, and WASD are how you navigate the menus, that's... a bit broken for folks without a controller currently.

And as there's no way to even access settings until you guess the above to pick a save slot, navigate down, and go into settings instead of the game? For now this is a thumbs down when it took me neatly 10 minutes just to actually get into the game to play at all including having to Alt+F4 out of the game once since I couldn't find any other way to quit.
Posted September 5, 2019.
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Early Access Review
Update 3 (Beer Brewing) Review

This review has been updated to cover the state of the game as of the 'Beer Brewing' update. If later patches have come out since then this review may no longer apply, please bear that in mind!

Right now this game is something that is starting to fulfill it's promise, still has a very responsive developer (SINGULAR!), and many of the rough edges seen at release are being addressed.

The core game still runs very, very smoothly and the graphics are incredibly readable (including switching visual styles if you zoom out far enough).

The in-game documentation is wonderfully on-point, in-theme, but still extremely understandable. It feels like a throwback to the Infocom Feelies being able to rummage around in the virtual notebook for details on what's needed to build what.

You absolutely will run face-first into the difficulty curve however: This is not like Infinifactory or other games where you're developing a level and test-running it from scratch each time. You still have a global level 'duration limit' to meet the goals, but you can pause, modify, and continue the level as it progresses if you want. Think of and approach it more like SimCity or Populous in that regard.

This game is a lot of fun to puzzle out a workable factory layout, before even getting to maximizing efficiency, if you have the money to spare it's worth a gamble on, and I think this will turn into an even better game as the developers update it.
Posted April 20, 2019. Last edited June 30, 2019.
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Welcome to Dark Souls as a Puzzle Action RPG.

This game looks, and initially plays in the demo, like a modern-day Secret of Mana. And being labelled an "Action RPG" would reinforce this. In reality it is an Action Puzzle that happens to have some RPG elements and a long story.

The demo is unbelievably dishonest with regard to the actual game itself though. RPG is a distant third on the list of genres this game rests in. Action is second place. Puzzles is, far and away, the primary genre of this game.

And the puzzles are absolutely BRUTAL and filled with the worst high-precision jumps and nearly-frame-precise timing obstacles just to progress, not even talking full completion here just basic progression is gated behind these, along with offscreen precision ricochet shots and other randomness that distracts from the main game and plot.

The combat also has a major issue with a majority of enemies having flight or other ways to avoid all of your attacks for extended periods, turning combat into another "precise timing counter or die" scenario.
Posted October 18, 2018.
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Buggy piece of <censored> installment to a series that gives all the hard work Rocksteady put into the series a bad name. AVOID EVEN ON SALE.
Posted August 18, 2018.
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There's a LOT wrong with this game.

Despite the beautiful visuals and truly excellent implementation of the fast-action playstyle gunplay, numerous design decisions combined with the INSANELY overwhelming RNG factor (which far, far exceeds all other aspects of difficulty) make this a game I have to warn folks against buying.

  • Only the first chamber in a level is guaranteed to offer a shop. Despite the fact you'll have only 1-2 coins at this point, leaving most/all of the shop unable to be purchased.
  • You're not allowed to bring money forward from previous levels.
  • The end-of-level chamber is the only other one that commonly has a store, however you're only allowed to bring between zero (yes zero) and 6 parts (usually only 3-4) into a level when you enter.
  • The connector bricks you need to link 'functional' and 'modifier' weapon parts together count towards the above limit when entering a level. So unless a level allows 4, it's functionally the same as only offering 2 since you need to build two weapons. But 3-part levels are incredibly common, 2 and 4 are uncommon.
  • There are numerous ground-oriented weapons that lob/roll projectiles out, despite the vast majority of enemies never being anywhere near the ground (attached to walls/ceilings or more often outright flying).
  • "Secrets" which have level-temporary boosts to your movement/energy/health can only be found by literal wall-scrubbing like back in the 90's when Wolfenstein 3D came out. Complex items out in the open that take jumping-puzzle skills don't appear to count for that tally, BTW.
  • Adding to the above, there's no way to tell what a room will have inside, causing almost all deaths to feel like surprises caused by an unseen hazard in the room, not because you were outplayed by the enemies.
  • Also levelling in this game is INCREDIBLY grind-heavy after the first few levels; the effective level cap is only 31 (including the one-off ability to not be stunned when landing from a great height, the rest being stat upgrades), but it quickly begins to take several missions to gain a single level.
  • When (not if) you die, all gun parts you brought with into the level are lost. In theory this adds some risk... but you can buy back 'lost' parts at over 10-fold their in-mission price. So... grind harder, just to get back to where you were? Oh but you can only bring a couple with you anyways...
  • ...from a total global inventory of 100 parts. Yes, total. Any more than that and you're forced to sell some at the end of a mission to bring that total back under 100. Also you can't access that sell screen UNLESS you're over 100.
  • Adding to that, if you have 10 of the 3-socket oval connector bricks? They're all listed individually, so you need to scroll past ALL of them to get to the next part type in a window that only lists 3 items at a time and can't be resized. And types are NOT listed in any seeming order. 3-socket ovals are nowhere near 2-socket ovals, there's a 5-socket part above 2-socket parts, etc.

The core gameplay of this game is an absolute GEM, but the entire in-between-level management system just cripples being able to enjoy this game because you can't work towards anything because of the numerous ways it cripples inventory combined with the common in-level lack of ability to spend any earnings.

When the RNG lets you play the actual game and build weapons that suit how you want to play? That game is a blast. But that happens far too rarely so it ends up feeling like you're being forced to randomly fight the Quake 2 Makron with nothing but a blaster one level and the next you're facing hordes of imps with an unlimited-ammo BFG.

I sincerely hope the devs can improve this, because again the core in-game run-and-gun is great... but there's too many issues getting to that run-and-gun right now.

EDIT to post a long-form reply to Duke's comment item by item:

you're the kind of person who ruins roguelikes. its supposed to be random and screw you over sometimes but as you get more skilled you will realize YOUR abilities can make a bad run into a good run.

Roguelike means it's gonna be random, not that you're going to die without justification. They're often the mostly tightly tuned and linear difficulty curves in the industry, check out NetHack and the literal "trope namer" Rogue[en.wikipedia.org] some time. Is the tuning often so that you'll fail more than win by default? Yes. Look at FTL for a great example of that where things are tuned on the side of failure by default.

Dying without understanding why until you have the mechanical skills and precision to overcome a relatively fixed challenge is a hallmark of Dark Souls style gameplay.

Bullet Hells are about pattern memorization against well-defined enemy waves with repetition against a fixed spawning providing time to master the patterns needed to get through without being touched a single time.

Mothergunship? It's a bullet hell FPS game, it never once mentions roguelike OR Dark Souls in it's gameplay description. So your claim is even on it's face rather ludicrous. :)

As a bullet hell, when you're in the thick of it, air-jumping around finding platforms to land on to recharge your jump-count, weaving around swarms of bullets and enemies while pouring ammo back into targets selectively? That's FLAWLESSLY executed! They nailed the essence of bullet hell despite the non-repeatable, random nature of the levels.

And as an aside, the random room generation in Mothergunship? It's AMAZING, absolutely beautiful, I never once saw two rooms that felt like copies of each other once in all the hours I played.

If the game was constantly difficult? That'd be fine too! There's a market for Dark Souls style "bend over and take it until you flip it on it's ear" difficulty.

But randomly flip-flopping mid-level between Dark Souls levels of difficulty and Bejeweled simplicity based entirely on when the game decides to let you actually spend your resources? That's the poor tuning I was discussing in my initial review.

Combine that with heavily encouraging LARGE breaks in actual shooting to go face-scrub the ceilings looking for secrets to get level-temp health/energy/jump-count boosts (especially with the health-ups healing you significantly) and it breaks flow further.

Hell, the fact that the game looks too bright and has horribly banded graphics if you turn up the gamma enough to actually navigate in the ceilings TO hunt for secrets, but if you keep the main game looking good the ceilings are 100% pitch black on multiple monitors I tested it on is another example of poor tuning IMHO.
Posted July 22, 2018. Last edited July 24, 2018.
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More recent hero additions make this basically the worst aspects of TF1's explosives spamming combined with bunnyhopping headshot shotgun monsters that self-heal constantly. This used to be somewhat enjoyable but it's entirely unfun now.

Combine this with the absolute lack of any matchmaking and rounds are almost always a curbstomp; either attackers destroy the defenders in record time or the defenders become a meatgrinder that is unassailable.
Posted June 15, 2018. Last edited June 15, 2018.
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