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Personal Achievements

Going the Distance

Lay 1024 tiles of track
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 1:13pm


Salvage 32 tiles of track
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 12:06pm


Salvage 1024 tiles of track
Unlocked Mar 7 @ 11:54pm


Salvage 32 branches
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 1:32am


Complete a region with only 1 train
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 11:55am

Trevithick's Legacy

Build your first train
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 11:55am

Pocket of Trains

Construct 16 trains
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 12:29pm

Box of Trains

Construct 128 trains
Unlocked Feb 29 @ 11:07pm

Let There be Light

Produce 1024 energy
Unlocked Mar 4 @ 5:48pm

Oil Baron

Produce 1024 Crude Oil
Unlocked Mar 4 @ 1:23pm

Hot Water

Produce 64 Energy from Geothermal
Unlocked Mar 4 @ 4:13pm


Establish a region generating 4096 profit per minute
Unlocked Feb 29 @ 1:04am

Before the Downfall

Finish a mission while losing money
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 11:57am


Run a single train of over 16 length
Unlocked Feb 29 @ 12:57am

Money like Water

Run the smallest train possible
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 12:03pm

Helper of the People

Finish the first optional side mission
Unlocked Mar 4 @ 1:40pm


Lay 128 tiles of track
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 12:14pm

8K is Enough for Everyone

Lay 8192 tiles of track
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 12:12am

High Flier

Finish the campaign


Construct 4 new Deer


Construct 32 branches on a single region


Lay 1024 branches

Room Full of Trains

Construct 512 trains


Ride a train traveling over 32 tiles

The scenic route

Ride a train traveling over 128 tiles

To infinity, and beyond!

Launch 16 WorkRockets


Upgrade industries 256 times

The poor groundwater levels

Upgrade water pumps 32 times


Grow a city to max level

High tech

Upgrade an electronics fab to max level

Space industrialization

Upgrade 10 coal mines to max level

Cleanup crew

Upgrade 5 incinerators to max level

Man of Steel

Deliver 2048 units of Steel

Trains over Pipes

Deliver 2048 units of water

Flying Lightning

Export 64 Energy per minute from an Export Dock

Cloud Services

Export 32 Mainframes per minute from an Export Dock


Construct 64 new Deer