Game designer/developer
Co-Founder, CEO Spookulele Games [www.spookulele.games]
Portfolio [www.westonb.dev] | Twitter
More Information
Portfolio [www.westonbdev.com]

Current Projects
HARU (Steam, Summer 2021)
VR Party Pack (Steam, December 2019)
The Seven Stages (Steam, July 2018)

Past Projects
Frick Frack (Steam, March 2021)
Left on Read (Steam, May 2020)
The World That Was [www.davidlabkovskiproject.org] (May 2019)
UpClose [www.westonbdev.com] (Steam, February 2019)
Christmas! [www.viveport.com] (Viveport, December 2017)
VEX VR [www.viveport.com] (Viveport, October 2017)
Cybertrix [www.viveport.com] (Viveport, July 2017)
Artifice [www.viveport.com] (Viveport, June 2017)
Favorite Game
mcdonald May 12 @ 3:12pm 
Hey man, any chance you could fix the broken achievement in left on red? The achievement is secure the bag
FortniteRule34 Nov 22, 2023 @ 11:36pm 
how to get secured the bag achievement? or is it impossible to do legit?
Killdrax Oct 7, 2023 @ 7:22am 
Left on Read: over 3 years
StarStar Feb 23, 2023 @ 4:57pm 
+rep cool dude : )
poncho Jun 14, 2022 @ 1:00pm 
+rep left on read made me coom :wheelchair:
Killdrax Oct 2, 2021 @ 9:55am 
Please help your community solve the Secured the Bag achievement... It's been over 1 year!