Mr. Stoltenberg   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
:abz1::abz2:Mr Stoltenberg here, but call me vue.

I am Vue#0001 on discord, devID(393601013153529858)

Did you also know that you can help me buy a negev?
Simply go to Twitter , and tweet @VueTweet #buyarmysheen !

im a simple man, with simple rules.
beg me for skins = unfriend/block
only speak english. this is a broadspeaked language, that most people know.
dont ruin the game for others by speaking anything else.
thats most of my rules. cya
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ᴠᴜᴇ'ꜱ ᴏғғɪᴄᴀʟ ᴘʀᴏғɪʟᴇ!!
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The #1 Army Sheen Collector
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As the #1 Army sheen collector in the world
I am pleased to tell you, that the army sheen is in a safe-haven when it arrives in my inventory.

If you want to send your Army Sheen, to a safe place, i would be your best bet.
It will be safely placed inside it's a Storage unit, where it will be together playing with other Army sheens that where gifted.


Did you also know that you can help me buy a negev?
Simply go to Twitter , and tweet @VueTweet #buyarmysheen !

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My Glorious Negev Army Sheen
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WHOLF Oct 24 @ 4:28pm 
Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. Have an amazing day and may those days continue doing so.
Today is my 27th birthday and I'm spreading as much positivity out here as possible! <3 Much love and enjoy your day! <3
DelexNL Oct 8 @ 10:49am 
i removed you as friend, you didnt have any time to help me out for months. even when you online or in a game, still didnt have time to reply. But its fine, im poor so im used to people not helping me
WHOLF Sep 21 @ 1:53pm 
“𝗜𝗻 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆 𝗱𝗮𝘆, 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝟭,𝟰𝟰𝟬 𝗺𝗶𝗻𝘂𝘁𝗲𝘀. 𝗧𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗺𝗲𝗮𝗻𝘀 𝘄𝗲 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝟭,𝟰𝟰𝟬 𝗱𝗮𝗶𝗹𝘆 𝗼𝗽𝗽𝗼𝗿𝘁𝘂𝗻𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝗺𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗮 𝗽𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗶𝗺𝗽𝗮𝗰𝘁.” 𝗛𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝗮𝗻 𝗮𝗺𝗮𝘇𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗺𝗮𝘆 𝘁𝗵𝗼𝘀𝗲 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗻𝘂𝗲 𝗱𝗼𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘀𝗼. 𝗟𝗼𝘃𝗲! <𝟯
Random Guy Aug 1 @ 7:21am 
-rep can you get out of my house?
Ariana Gandhi Jul 12 @ 11:47am 
-rep boosted trash with wh
Bemarimies Jul 6 @ 11:04pm 
Friendly fella