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After spending way too much time on this game of the trilogy, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best one out of them. When I first started, I set out on a journey to 100% the game's achievements, and after coming to a conclusion; I could not do it.
Unless I set my house on fire from the impending doom of leaving my Endless Furry Trilogy-Infested computer on every-night, sitting there clicking away at the furry icon on the middle of the screen, there was little to no chance. I had a good run, and I almost made it. The only achievement I have left is to achieve 1 Trillion Furr, but while I might return at a later date, for now I will be stuck on 99% achievement completion.
Now you might have seen me mention "The Trilogy". The Endless Furry trilogy started with Endless Furry Killer 2020, a 2D top-down shooter where your only two objectives are to kill the endless waves of furries, and to survive. The original is a very simple game, and I applaud the developer for being able to make it addicting, yet crashable within 45 or so minutes.
The second game in the trilogy, Endless Furry Killer 3D, is a 3D DOOM-like action-shooter that I find the most fast-paced and short-living fun. If you put on some songs from DOOM 2016 or DOOM Eternal, it could feel like a real DOOM game, lag included!
And now the final game in the trilogy, Endless Furry Clicker. A lot of the time this game was running in the background and the Furr Grinders did all of the work, but the mindless hours of clicking that this game let me do was the most intriguing part. As someone who doesn't enjoy any clicker-style games, this is the only one that has kept me attached and the only one that has constant-clicking fun, especially with the countless (4) songs you could unlock to listen to and the one clicking sound that was short but sweet.
In conclusion, if you ever have a weekend, the Endless Furry Trilogy is the best game set to buy to waste time.
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