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Unimportant but yes [imgur.com] I guess I like this. [i.imgur.com]

I don't know what to do with this summary...

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Time to be cringe
Custom MvM Curriculum Vitae (comment if you had skill issue)


Coastal Cashout (Coastrock) -- 13 Nov 23 @ 10:17 (Firmware Frenzy) MOONLIGHT SCAM mvm file EDITION [i.imgur.com]
Coastal Cashout (Coastrock) -- 13 Nov 23 @ 10:17 (Firmware Frenzy) MOONLIGHT SCAM mvm file EDITION #2 [i.imgur.com]
Coastal Cashout (Coastrock) -- 13 Nov 23 @ 10:17 (Firmware Frenzy) [i.imgur.com]

Dissolution (Decoy) -- 29 May 22 @ 1:35 (Anniversary Annihilation) [i.imgur.com]
Nullified Processor (Mannworks/Jungleworks) -- 8 April 23 @ 8:50 (Voltaic Violence) [i.imgur.com]
Wild Wires (Waterfront) -- 24 April 23 @ 8:52 (Voltaic Violence) [i.imgur.com]
?????????? ?????????? (?????????) -- 21 Jan 24 @ 09:27 (???????? ??????)

Decimal Destruction (Decoy) -- 2 Mar 22 @ 0:38 (Anniversary Annihilation) [i.imgur.com]
Pollution Dilution (Oxidize RR18) -- 24 Feb 23 @ 6:00 (Voltaic Violence) [i.imgur.com]
????? ?????? (??????????) -- 13 Dec 23 @ 12:09 (???????? ??????)


Or as to what it's now referred; The Great Dissolution Incident of May 23rd, 2022

Hydrogen : MORE giant scouts
Hydrogen : WHY
Nuq : WHY
Sntr : I've seen enough
Nuq : okay I understand difficulty standards have moved
Sntr : this is like someone tested this with addcond 11
Nuq : but this feels like an 'expert' for someone who's conversationa in Sunder
Sntr : and kept adding more ♥♥♥♥ because they could beat it
Sntr : this feels like we're playing the same wave for the third time now
DaanBox : they put the addmcond foorbteem in de soder
Nuq : iasodjas DAAN PLZ

(Final wave jumpscare)
Nuq : ...
Nuq : what
Nuq : THE ♥♥♥♥
DaanBox : the soldier march much
Hydrogen : and we're down $750 + A+ bonuses
Sntr : IT'S
Sntr : STILL
Sntr : ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ SPIES
Sntr : every ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ wave
DaanBox : and snipers, don't forget the snipers

DEAD Hydrogen : what is this wave
Time spent on Wave 7: 2 min 21 sec
Total success time in mission: 16 min 4 sec (50%)
Total time spent in mission: 31 min 37 sec
[SM] Leave your feedback for wave 7 in the chat!
Nuq : HOW

Sntr : what the ♥♥♥♥ is this
Sntr : kritz brass beast projectile shield heavy
Sntr : basically do the most boring ♥♥♥♥ in mvm or you can't win
Sntr : snore
Sntr : 0/10
Sntr : mission just gives up here
Hyperion #UA : bison will go through shield
DEAD Sntr : I'm done with this
Sntr left the game
Nuq : this is genuinely 'wtf'
Nuq : but if this requires shield
Nuq : that's an F
Nuq : like 0.
Nuq : if it's balanced around chees
Nuq : into the bin it ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ goes
(It was previously beaten multiple times with no cheeses, aka no sniper, no med shield, no airblast, etc.)


Ако ли някой е българин и е погледнал този профил, тръгни някъде другаде.
Наваксвам на англиийския език.
Пиянец наркоман, и тъй нататък.
Беден като всички българи чрез нашата страна.
Ако наистина искате да ме добавяте, върнете се около една година, това не е Фейсбук.
Не ме добавяйте за трейдване, нещата които имам не са за вас.

Juggling between TF2, and CS 1.6.

Former ESEA addict. Now I'm overall washed in PvP, so don't expect anything really.
GM and former Top 500 Wrecking Ball main in Overwatch
Battletag if you actually wanna play together: Ø6bez10Ø#2436

I don't mind kicking boys in Mann Up (rip my old mecha, gear and 2c medals :( ), but all I want is co-operation if you're told to do something; otherwise you know what's happening.

Under 100 tours via badge deleting, just to annoy higher-ups. I do say that however on Gear Grinder I've made an exception. I repeat all of the tours that isn't Expert usually.

I actually wouldn't mind playing with anyone in terms of mann up, just don't start a fire on the dumpster.
Got a problem? Talk it out.
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What a fucking rollercoaster. 1 man Shaker done!
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Do you like plants versus zombies
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eres gei?
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Oye hermano sorry que sea por acá, pero te trate de llamar y no me contestabas y tampoco me respondiste los mensajes. Encontré la información que me pediste.
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