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76561198874511252 Oct 13 @ 9:12am 
I can help with achievement 420. I don’t know your language. We need more people Well, time for yourself.)
76561198015859524 Jul 13 @ 2:43am 
for PAM MP cheevo :)
76561198206518029 Jul 8 @ 4:26am 
+rep Trustfull person! :cleanseal:
76561198171339687 Jun 16 @ 1:05am 
Oh that's right I remember that, it was infuriating :lunar2019madpig:
Unfortunately I don't recall how I got it to work but it was not intuitive. Was something like play with CPU or online despite being able to play locally, really confusing but man it's been a while...sorry I should have replied to my post on how I resolved that. Add me if you're stuck for too long and I'll install the game again to check.
76561198171339687 Jun 15 @ 11:16pm 
Hello, i recall using 4 controllers to unlock everything locally, didn’t have to play online.
76561198128671083 Feb 6 @ 11:01am 
hey dude, added you for diverse fragger