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Gwen   Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
If I can't be your everything, why would I be your anything?
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"A city screams for justice, and it will be delivered with a vengeance that will shake Neo Metropolis to its core. The Neon Rider has returned, and the body count is about to thicken. This time it's personal."
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Alex the doggo | 👌 17 Φεβ στις 10:22μμ 
You're a butt
★£0£cats★ 16 Φεβ στις 3:33μμ 
Adding to ask why steam design is down, not sure if you know or not but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask
Λrchmeton 12 Φεβ στις 1:10μμ 
Roses are red
Violets a blue
I need a better verse
I need help of you

I dare you to make an alternative version of this one and post it on my profile! The 9 best alternatives get shown in my custom info box!

Good luck! I'll review them all exactly 24 hours from NOW!

Λrchmeton 7 Φεβ στις 12:22μμ 

Have a Lovely & Leveling Week!
Thrrra[OG] 4 Φεβ στις 2:50πμ 
a cool dude -jailgurl
Aevoa 1 Φεβ στις 11:17μμ 
Great work on It's helped so many people.