Matthew   Kansas, United States
ex Professional Coach for Rogue CSGO
ex Professional Player for Dignitas

If you're adding me please state a reason. I try to sign anyone's profiles who ask but make sure its set to public comments!


Cevo Free Season 6 champs
(The_Turtle, Free, Lampy^, furLy, bazE, mCe)

Cevo Pro Placement 3rd
(witmer, pauLy, ry9n, marktheshark, mCe)

ESEA IM S16 4th
(DYNAMO, The_Turtle, FADE, no_one, mCe)

NA Minor Qualifier 4th
(cuse-, GrumpiXX, recky, tennLs, mCe)

CyberpowerPC Qualifier #1 Tied 3rd/4th
(cuse-, GrumpiXX, recky, tennLs, mCe)

1st - Rivalcade CSGO $5000 Blowout
vizion pug/ (cuse-, GrumpiXX, recky, tennLs, mCe)

2nd - Fragadelphia 9 Online
(cuse-, GrumpiXX, recky, tennLs, mCe)

3/4 - ESEA Season 22 Main
(cuse-, GrumpiXX, recky, tennLs, mCe)

2nd - Cevo Main Season 10
(cuse-, GrumpiXX, recky, tennLs, mCe)

•1st Place LAN

Wichita LAN Revival
(hoho, gunmetal, kmak, ??, mCe,)

Wichita LAN Redemption
(Clipz-, Lampy, DarthMenno, bazE, mCe,)

Intel LANfest Omaha
(Clipz-, Lampy, DarthMenno, bazE, mCe,)

Clutchcon BYOC
(garv, LighTsouT, Bauer, Bibby, mCe)

Epic Gaming Lounge LAN
(acem, eski, marktheshark, mCe, Fatality)

Wichita eSports Expo
(TRULS, Lampy, NeX, mCe, bazE)

(kiddustin, Heeli, NeX, godson, mCe)

(jack-ryan, rafOOl, truls, kaboose, mCe)

•2nd Place LAN

Wichita Fragfest $4k
(mysticG, Hoppin, g00dcat, mky24, mCe)

EGL LAN March '15
(acem, eski, marktheshark, mCe, lightworker)

RTZ eSports OKC $8k
(torkTJO, NicolasTJO, banks, recKy, mCe)

RTZ eSports Onset $8k
(kaboose, unnin, lightworker, marktheshark, mCe)

MadCity LAN
(zetti, LenNox, Yay, Sm0kes-ss, mCe)

Clutch Gaming Arena
(PoloPro, tfries, kev, garv, mCe)

•3rd Place LAN

Wichita $2k
(DarthMenno, Free, kmak, Lampy^, mCe)

Dreamhack Montreal $15000
(recky, cuse-, tennLs, GrumpiXX, mCe)

•Other LAN

5th - Fragadelphia 8 $15000
(cuse-, GrumpiXX, recky, tennLs, mCe)
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GaRDeX Nov 20, 2023 @ 7:38am 
nice player :D +rep
bunkindb May 30, 2023 @ 1:32am 
gonna make ur day when i say hello to you, hope you are still around need an IGL =)
see you space cowboy Jun 22, 2022 @ 6:29pm 
haven't seen you since bringing deppy and agent to the bus station way back in source
❟❛❟Stalk❟❛❟ Apr 9, 2022 @ 8:29pm 
sign me pls
vanrad11 Dec 25, 2021 @ 9:07am 
happy birthday and merry christmas
fofner Dec 25, 2021 @ 7:02am 
happy bday