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My speciality is trading glitched clean items. A glitched clean item is an item that: does not drop+craftable+no gift text.. and is not supposed to be clean but there exists a small number of them in the game that are. I am not interested in items that are cleanly dropped. If you have a glitched clean item that you would like to trade, let me know.

Most of these clean items are glitched from the trading bug in Nov 2011 (craftable Summer Set). Newly clean items are accidently introduced by Valve support when they grant new items to users (craftable and tradeable Black Rose)

If you have any of these items and would like to trade, let me know. (Not currently interested in getting anymore crafted Apoc-Fists, I have too many). I am NOT interested in rare uncraftable items: vita saw, volcano fragment, etc...

A little bit about me...I played Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic in college. Stopped playing games for a long time because I had a crappy computer. I decided to try TF2 because it was free to play (got new computer too). I am hooked on the game, and of course the mann economy is fascinating to me as well. Msg me if you want to trade something. See you on the trade boards and in the game as well!

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man everytime i see týour profile, it makes me sad:meatytears:
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+rep: nice trader, quick to respond and very patient. handles bitcoin transactions easily.:balloonicorn:
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+rep quick easy BTC -> keys transaction
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+rep, low prices!