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While at first glance, "Secret of the Magic Crystals" appears to be a simplistic, repetitive game designed to entertain young children with little more than pictures of virtual ponies, it is, in fact, a brilliant critique of the socio-economic climates of the European Union.

At the beginning of the game, the player is informed that "[a] special meteor hit the atmosphere of the Earth a long time ago.", resulting in the main character's grandfather collecting 'magic crystals' from it. During this introduction, it is revealed that "[the] crystals give special abilities to horses..." This satirical critique of the oft-espoused claims of religious Fascist groups across Europe; that God has chosen some to benefit from the work of others through divine intervention, sets the tone for a thoughtful, hilarious and revelatory piece about the state of affairs in the European Union today. If you are studying the effects of the debt crisis on the people of Europe, this game is a must-play.
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