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sev Apr 24 @ 12:01pm 
DatGameh Apr 17 @ 11:02am 
You may want to change your account description to feature Synthetik 2 instead :V
It's your newest game, after all
The Bubble Boi Mar 23 @ 6:31am 
Hey Shrike. Can i ask you something? I wanted to obtain the SFX from the game, is there any way to do this? And is it free to do so. I've tried to extract the games Data file but, i could only find the sprites. I dont want to use this for anything commercial, its just that i've been making a private mod based on synthetik for an another game.
Garrett Mar 16 @ 5:52am 
hi mate, can you add me? just for a quick chat
RaZZoR Feb 25 @ 8:44am 
Is there anywhere i can keep up with the sequel news you are developing for Synthetik?
Vages Feb 22 @ 6:47am 
These contents come from Baidu translation

My computer configuration is very low. Can I optimize the game. In the free version, I play survival mode to 30 waves later, it will become a card. The online experience is worse.
04 optimize part of the translation.
Although the impact is not big, but if you have time or improve.
05 use cheating code many times.
Why can I only use the cheat code once? Isn't it more interesting to change it to once a day or once a week?
06 divide chat channels.
I know there are not many players in my country, but why can't we have multiple chat servers? Even by language.